Men also have their problem areas, especially on the stomach and on the hips. An ideal male figure needs a flat, firm stomach. Fat deposits, excess skin and skin flaps, which also do not want to disappear with diet and exercise can be removed by a tummy tuck. After an abdominoplasty you look firmer, more manly and younger.

Tummy tuck for men in Berlin

Especially in recent years, the number of male patients who want to have a abdominoplasty has increased in our beauty clinic in Berlin. This is not really surprising, as men are also attaching more and more importance to a healthy and fit appearance. Abdominoplasty in men is usually performed in our Clinic for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery as follows: First of all excess fat is sucked off by liposuction so that the muscles are better defined and come

out again. Skin flaps and excess skin are surgically removed and tightened downwards. The navel is moved accordingly. The procedure takes 1.5 - 3 hours, depending on the extent, and is performed under general anesthesia. You can find more detailed information about Stunning You abdominoplasty here.

Abdominoplasty in men: Risks, scars, recovery time

Dr. med. univ. Akhundov closes the incisions with continuous tension sutures to avoid the risk of seroma formation. During the first days after the operation you will experience some pain, which can be relieved with a painkiller. Swelling and bruising are normal. You must wear compression clothing for the first few weeks. This will support the abdomen and speed up swelling reduction.

After two weeks you are able to work again, light desk work is possible earlier. Strenuous activities should be avoided for six weeks. You will have an arched scar in the groin area and a small scar on the navel.

Tummy tuck for men: Does the health insurance cover the costs?

As a rule, an abdominoplasty is a private service for which the patient himself bears the costs. However, there are cases that fall within the range of services provided by health insurance companies. Whether your health insurance company covers all or part of the costs for an abdominoplasty in our beauty clinic in Berlin Mitte is best clarified with the responsible employees of your health insurance company.


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