Eyebrow Lift In Berlin

Eyebrow lift is also widely known as a forehead lift or even face lift and people get one in order to remove sagging skin around their forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids. It removes wrinkles and frown lines around the face. Unlike blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) which corrects the upper eyelids by lifting them, the eyebrow lift procedure helps to improve a persons’ facial look and making them look youthful and vibrant.

In Berlin everywhere you go, you will always see one or two people along the way who have tried the eyebrow lift procedure.


The procedure for forehead lift in Berlin is similar to blepharoplasty because blepharoplasty-Berlin Surgeons also perform their operation by using incisions through the skin to raise the eyelids. Knowing the types of eyebrow lift and the applying the one that will give you the best look is very important. Below are the types of eyebrow lift:
It is known as an open brow lift the most popular type used. Using this method, the surgeon will make a single continuous incision at the back of your brow line starting from the ear. This type of eyebrow lift will lift your hairline a little. Women with little foreheads are usually the best to carry on this look.
For this type of lift, the surgeon will insert a small camera into one of the insertions so that they can see the inside tissue. The endoscopic lift incisions are made on top of the hairline and there is no need to cut the skin around the ears. One of the cons of this method is that it heals faster within a short time.
This method does not require the surgeon to move the hairline. The incision is usually very small like about four centimeters around the hairline but instead, the skin is removed in order to raise the eyebrows. This method is best for people who have higher hairlines and it removes wrinkles easily.
It is different from the others and is also called lateral brow lift. There is a need for the surgeon to use anesthesia and it is usually done along with the endoscopic lift. The incisions made are very small for this type of lift. Temporal Lift is used for enlarging the eyes and the healing process is also fast.
Ultrasound energy is used for this process using Ultera which brightens the eyes and makes the skin around the forehead feel tight. One of the side effects of this method is that it causes redness of the skin after but it is just for a while about half an hour after the surgery.
It is used to lift sagging eyebrows and also eyelids. The surgeon will use a slim needle to pit sutures inside the facial tissues. What lifts the eyebrows are the bands on the end of the thread. More than one barb sutures can be used as a traditional facelift


One of the non-surgical ways to lift one’s eyebrow is by doing a Botox eyebrow lift. Here the botox injector will inject the muscles that are dropping down and in turn, this will lift the eyebrows. This botox method will make the eyes look very open.

Another non–surgical method for the facelift is the hyaluronic acid lift. The hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient for skin and it produces collagen. The acid protects the skin and regulates the amount of water on the skin. It is a natural moisturizer and promotes a youthful look. You inject the area of the face with the hyaluronic acid. What this acid does is that it fills the areas on the face that are not smooth and removes the wrinkles around the nose and the face contours. Before injecting yourself with this acid, it is best to use an anesthetic cream to numb the areas on the face that will cause pain and discomfort.


Some of the side effects associated with eyebrow lift include:
• Scarring:
Scarring is very common in most cosmetic operations and eyebrow lift is not an exception. The scars associated with eyebrow lift are very small and can easily be covered by the hair. To help the scars heal easily avoid doing anything stressful and make sure you sleep upright and keep your head up using a pillow.

• Pain:
It is also a common side effect and in order to control the bleeding, you should apply a cold compress on the area. After the surgery, to prevent bleeding from occurring, it is best not to smile, frown or even laugh for some time because it will stress the muscles around the forehead.

• Pain:
Pain is not really a serious issue because it is usually mild and will pass within a few days. All you need to do is try to get some rest and apply a cold compress to the areas where you feel pain and as earlier mentioned try and sleep in an upright position using a pillow. If the pain is quite a lot, then you should consult your doctor to give you pain prescriptions.

• Other:
Other common issues are Hair loss around the areas that incisions were made, eye irritation and for people who have had heart problems in the past, they may have problems with the use of anesthesia during the facelift procedure


After conducting a facelift surgery, you will need to get lots of ice, a container for the ice, plastic freezer bags, a good pillow and some ointment for the care of the incision areas:

If you feel feverish after an eyebrow lift surgery, please contact your doctor.

You will need to get the following items for your care after the eyebrow surgery:

•Plenty of ice

•Container to use for ice or cold water.

•Some plastic freezer bags to help hold the ice water; or some bags of frozen corn and/or peas to use in place of ice water.

•Pillows (you’ll have to keep your head elevated for a period of time)

•Ointment for the incision area (which your surgeon can recommend or prescribe, if necessary)

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