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PRP means "platelet-rich plasma". Treatment with PRP therapy is becoming increasingly popular, and for the same reasons that allow athletes to resort to it: because of its organic nature and because it works. Here, plasma is injected from the patient's own blood instead of chemicals - in other words, it is a plasma lift. Side effects are virtually eliminated because it is extremely unlikely that the body will reject its own blood.
The PRP therapy is also known as "Vampire Lifting". This nickname she got thanks to Kim Kardashian, who has made this bloodsucker method popular.


On the website the majority of women report that they are very satisfied with their "VampireLifting". At RealSelf, women can share their experience of cosmetic surgery and get their questions answered. These are answered competently by doctors. Also a doctors evaluation takes place here. One patient said the results of her Dracula lifting lasted over three months. Another reported that her face was still glowing 5 weeks after the vampire lift and her skin was still smooth. A 54-year-old woman in New York opted for PRP therapy instead of Botox after hearing too many negative stories about the latter treatment. She said she noticed a big difference in her face and was very happy with what she looks like now.


The combination of PRP and Microneedle creates even better results.

A study in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery compared the results of two different combination therapies. The first combination was PRP with a treatment called Microneedling, a collagen induction therapy. The second combined Microneedling along with Vitamin C. The treatments were performed in patients with acne scars.

Thirty patients, ages 18 to 34, participated in the study in 2013 and received four treatments at 4-week intervals. The right side of each patient's face was treated with the PRP combo and the left side with the vitamin C combination. Participating patients all had acne scars rated Grade II, III or IV on Goodman and Baron Skala. Before and after treatment, they were photographed in the same positions, with the same lighting and against the same background.

Both patients and physicians subsequently evaluated the improvement and alteration of acne scars using the Goodman and Baron scale. In 23 out of 30 patients, the scars were reduced by one to two degrees with the PRP combination.

Most women who have tried the combination of Microneedle and PRP rated the treatment as good to excellent. Dr. Lisa Zdinak, head of Precision Aesthetics, said plasma naturally stimulates and "wakes" the patient's stem cells, producing more collagen. That's what makes the skin younger. Zdinak said the plasma contains molecules and proteins that deliver nutrients to the skin cells. This is the healthiest and most natural way to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars and other effects of aging. In conjunction with extra collagen, it is even more effective.


Most doctors cool the faces of patients after a PRP therapy with ice to minimize transient bruising that can occur at the injection sites. Icing also helps to minimize swelling or skin irritation of patients who have sensitive skin. All these effects are temporary and almost always disappear within a few days.

Patients with sensitive skin must take additional precautions regarding plasma lifting. You should leave enough space between the treatments so that the skin has time to heal itself. Too many Microneedle treatments in a row can cause swelling and even skin infections.


Twenty-two women have received PRP combined with fractional laser treatments in a study published by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery to analyze their effects on the rejuvenation of their skin. Eleven had a topical application of autologous PRP along with three fractional laser treatments, while the other 11 only received fractional laser treatments. The patients were evaluated before and 30 days after their treatments. Several different types of tests have been used, including blind clinical evaluations, patient satisfaction, and even skin biopsy. The results showed that skin rejuvenation with autologous PRP was better, and patient satisfaction was higher with PRP compared to fractional laser alone.


Women who had a vampire lift find their faces more beautiful and younger for several months afterwards. The reason is that the plasma stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, thereby new cells grow and the skin literally rejuvenates. The cell growth of the skin, triggered by the PRP, lasts for weeks to months. Botox and other filler treatments diminish after some time, while PRP continues and looks better, from 18 months to two years. The FDA has not prescribed any prescriptions on the use of PRP because it comes from the patient's own body and is not a drug.


PRP literally stimulates the growth of new patient cells where it is injected. It helps the body to heal naturally without chemicals or foreign substances of any kind. The ability to get an allergic reaction or infection goes to zero because the plasma comes from the patient's own body.

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