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One of the effects of aging is wrinkled hands. The back of the hand wrinkles faster than other parts of the body because they have low dermal lining, less collagen unlike other parts of the body and constant exposure to the sun’s rays. Why many people put effort to look nice and appear cute, a lot of attention is given to the face why the hands are often neglected. When the hands are neglected, it easily reveals the bulging veins and tendons.

Complete beauty treatment also applies to the hands because the hands receive as much sunlight ( UV light ) as the face. Therefore, care should be applied in taking care of the hands because leaving the hands to the ravaging of sun causes pigmentation issues and liver spots. Thanks to hand rejuvenation, the wrinkling of the hands be better managed.


Hand Rejuvenation is a form of treatment similar to Botox fillers and lip enlargement procedures, it reverses the aging process on the hands by filling up the hollow and wrinkled parts with fillers and also clearing off spots by removing the surface dead cells with the use of laser treatment.

This procedure solves two main issues. It replaces lost soft-tissue mass through the use of dermal fillers (collagen-like substances) or fat taken from other parts of the body, the second is laser technology applied to correct the damage caused by the sun’s UV ray.


There are different techniques applied and they produce different outcomes, they include:

1) Topical Application techniques:

This is a short-lived and inexpensive technique. Anti-aging creams rich in retinoid and in promoting chemicals like vitamin C. Sunscreens are also used in hand rejuvenation to stop the effects of the Sun’s UV rays.

2) Chemical Peels technique:

Chemical peel is a popular hand rejuvenation procedure used to peel away the skin’s outermost layer. It improves the color and texture of the skin giving it a youthful appearance.

Typically, this treatment is carried out by a licensed dermatologist. The procedure involves applying the chemical solution lightly or vigorously on the affected part using a cotton swab, pad or sponge.

There are three different types of chemical peel and this treatment is categorized based on the strength of the chemical used; Light(glycolic), Medium (Trichloracetic acid) and Deep (Phenol) chemical peels. These three-peeling technique produces different outcomes and the recovery periods after the procedure varies too.

Lastly, this treatment is ideal for individuals with sun-damaged skins and significant hand wrinkling.

3) Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technique:

This hand rejuvenation technique is ideal for aging and damaged skin and it is done by passing a high beam of light produced by electric current through a chamber filled with Xenon gas.

The inner layers of the skin absorb this high intense beam of light and it causes them to become heated up without disrupting the skin’s outer layer. By heating up the deep layers of the skin, skin pigments are released from the cell to the skin’s surface from where they are shed.

Furthermore, this procedure improves the collagen levels in the hands and the elasticity of the skin around the hands.

4) Dermal filler technique

Dermal fillers such as RADIESSE and Sculptura are injected into the hand to facilitate the repair of the underlying structures of the skin. These dermal fillers work by absorbing water and in the process and plump is introduced in the required area of the hands to give a soft and smooth full skin.

Fillers such as RADIESSE are FDA-approved and are injected directly to the affected area with tiny needles to fill the hollow portions of the hand.

It is a simple procedure and the effects of the procedure are witnessed almost immediately. However, it is not long-lasting as the fillers decline after a while. Hence, they have to be re-introduced periodically.

Lastly, after the procedure, bruising and soreness may be experienced at the injection site and it is not advised for pregnant women and nursing mothers to undergo this procedure.

5) Fat Transfer Technique

This technique is fantastic for individuals that want a smooth and natural healthy-looking hand. It is an efficient technique because its effects are long lasting. It uses a procedure similar to breast and buttock augmentation.

Fat transfer or fat transplantation technique is carried out by gently removing excess fats from areas with high concentration of fats like the buttocks, using a small tube called a cannula. Liposuction uses the same concept but differs as the fat is not transplanted.

The fat extracted is then processed and re-injected into the hand, all these takes no more than 2-3 hours under the influence of local anesthesia.

6) Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein Technique

Getting rid of the bulging veins and tendons on the hands is possible with Sclerotherapy and Laser vein technique.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure used in closing bulging veins. It involves the injection of solution a (usually salt solution) directly into the vein. The solution stimulates the walls of the blood vessels, causing it to collapse and fade away. This procedure is recommended for blood vessels over 3mm in diameter.

Laser vein treatment is used to close small veins less than 3mm in diameter. The laser light is absorbed by the blood. This coagulates blood vessels and makes them fade away.

Preparing for this Procedure

• 1 week prior to hand rejuvenation treatment by dermal fillers and fat transfer, patients should avoid taking aspirin and some anti-inflammatory drugs, huge doses of vitamin E supplement and multi-vitamins should also be avoided to decrease the risk of bruising after treatment.

• Patients are advised to stop smoking at least 6 weeks before undergoing chemical peel.

• Irrespective of the procedure to be done, hydration is important before and after the treatment.

What are the uses of Hand Rejuvenation?

• It is used to make the hands smooth and fuller and make them appear more attractive with less prominent veins.

• It improves the confidence of an individual as they hand rejuvenation patients do not have to worry about wrinkled hands.

• It gives the hand a youthful appearance.

Hand Rejuvenation Risks Recovery

The risks involved includes:

1) Reduction in sensation.

2) Scarring.

3) Skin.

4) Allergic reaction to anesthesia.

5) Leaves sunburn for weeks.


For most hand rejuvenation techniques, recovery is fast since the side effects, such as itching and redness subside within 24 hours.

Hand rejuvenation techniques do not carry risks or side effects to worry about, but for this procedure to be long lasting, sunscreens and other topical creams are required.



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