Rhinoplasty For Men
In Berlin

Gone are the days when rhinoplasty is reserved for the ladies alone. Yes, rhinoplasty can be done on men and it has now become commonplace. Like the women folks, men can also look good with the help of plastic surgery in Berlin or elsewhere.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is reshaping or resizing the nose through plastic surgery. It is also called nose job. In some patients, rhinoplasty is used to correct breathing problems. It can be used to enhance the profile of the nose while restoring breathing through the nose at the same time. This type of rhinoplasty procedure is called septo-rhinoplasty.

This plastic surgery has to do with adjusting the nasal bones. It seeks to make the nose look straighter or thinner for a more appealing appearance. The hump in the nose is shaved for a better side view then the tip of the nose is adjusted for balance.

Rhinoplasty can also be used for making the nose smaller. Some men are concerned that their aquiline nose does not go well with their facial structure and rhinoplasty is used as a permanent corrective measure.

During a rhinoplasty, a surgeon makes an incision across the columella or inside the nose. This creates an avenue for accessing the bones and cartilages of the nose to resize or reshape.

However, there are different types of rhinoplasty for achieving different results. For instance, the procedure applied when correcting the tip of the nose will not be used for correcting nose hump.

What advantages can I derive from rhinoplasty?

You can enjoy some benefits from a rhinoplasty procedure. The nose can become reshaped to look better than it correctly is. The nose with a broad tip can be narrowed. The disproportionately big nose can be made smaller. While an asymmetry nose can be refined. All through a rhinoplasty.

When done by an experienced and skilled surgeon, a broken nose can be properly restructured through a rhinoplasty. Several patients, whose noses had been damaged from accidents, now look gorgeous through the intervention of a nasal plastic surgery.

Interestingly, rhinoplasty is beyond a vain cosmetic surgery. Besides enhancing the profile of the nose, rhinoplasty can help you tackle some major health challenges. For instance, several guys suffer from a deviated septum which poses a challenge to their breathing. Rhinoplasty handles this challenge perfectly. While it does not have to change the appearance of the nose to correct a deviated septum, you can request for a refinement of your nose structure when having the plastic surgery.

Finally, a major impact of rhinoplasty is that it is a great way to boost your self-esteem. In truth, a damaged, weird looking nose can be a factor for depression. But with this nasal surgery, you do not need to deal with your weird looking nose again.


Before performing a rhinoplasty, the patient is sedated. Some mixtures are injected into the body system to effect numbness and reduce bleeding.

Afterward, the surgeon separates the delicate tissues and the nasal skin from the nasal structure. This procedure is usually painless; patients are rarely aware of the operation as it is being done.

The separation of the tissues from the nasal framework allows the surgeon to correct the nose. The nose is incised and a stent is applied before taping the nose to quicken the healing process. Then, a graft is applied to enhance the strength of the nose or straighten out the contour or nose bump.

When a bone graft is needed, it is taken from the rib cage, hips or cranium of the patient. However, a nasal implant can suffice in refining the nasal bridge.

Are there complications or risks associated with rhinoplasty?

You can be rest assured of your safety after rhinoplasty. However, some complications may set in. It is common for some patients to experience bleeding after operation, but this ceases to happen without the need for treatment.

A wide range of complications may arise from the surgery. Take, for instance, it is possible for a patient to lose the sense of feeling in the operated region. It is possible for the operated nose to become infected or swollen, leading to difficulty in breathing.

Some patients suffer from dissatisfaction in the appearance of their nose while others experience damaged nose framework due to the errors on the part of the surgeon – leading to revision surgery.

It is noteworthy that it is essential that you choose your surgeon carefully to minimise the possibility of errors and complications. An expert surgeon will deliver results that will enhance the profile and performance of the nose. Breathing will not be difficult, just as the appearance will be gorgeous.

To help you select the right surgeon for your rhinoplasty, ensure that the person has years of experience on the job and is certified by the board. It is essential that you read reviews of patients that the surgeon has worked on as well.

What are the requirements for rhinoplasty?

The post-op requirements for a rhinoplasty is not demanding. You are required to desist from smoking two weeks before your surgery. Also, it is important that you shun all sorts of multivitamins, aspirin and herbs before the operation.

If you are having a rhinoplasty, you should not eat or drink beyond 12 am on the day of the surgery. It is necessary to take a CBC blood test and a physical examination before the surgery.

More importantly, you must have an impressive psychological health, without ridiculous expectations from the surgery.

How about Recovery?

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that allows for earlier recovery. It also gives room for early improvements. It takes two weeks for swelling and bruises to subside. During this period, you will notice that the shape of your nose would have improved so much. However, it takes almost one year to completely recover from rhinoplasty.

Is it true that I can have rhinoplasty without surgery?

It is possible for you to have rhinoplasty without surgery. Non-surgical procedure involves the use of fillers to adjust the shape of your nose. It can alter the look of a nose with depressed parts, with bumps or stoop tips to give patients natural results. However, it cannot be used to reduce nose size.



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