Gynecomastia Operation For Men In Berlin

Simply referred to as men boobs’ surgery, Gynecomastia Operation is a procedure undertaken to get rid of excess fat on male chest.

Gynecomastia has the impact of making an individual less confident about his body. But that shouldn’t be the case. With the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, you can regain your natural masculine appearance on the chest. Our medical center has topnotch techniques that ensure the surgery is not only short but also the recovery period is drastically reduced while you end up with virtually invisible scars. Read on to learn all you need to know about male breast reduction Berlin.

About Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition in which a male breast grows larger than it ought to be. The simply treatment for this condition is male breast reduction. The cosmetic procedure entails removing excess fat and glandular tissue so as to achieve a flatter and masculine chest.

The appearance of enlarged breasts in males is normally caused by a number of factors including genetics, different types of medications, and some yet to be specified reasons. It is estimated that almost half of men do experience gynecomastia in their lifetime.

The condition can present itself at any age, and male reduction has been billed to be a safer a successfully procedure both for teenagers and adults.

Is it necessary to undergo male breast reduction?

There are some options one can adopt to reduce enlarged breasts such as losing weight. But some of these options are not that effective because excess glandular tissue may also contribute to the enlarged breasts.

The only trusted method for gynecomastia treatment is breast reduction, which has over time proved to provide consistent, permanent results. Many patients normally express satisfaction and feel happy going shirtless for the first time in years.

If you are one of those people who feel uncomfortable about their chest or you are afraid to expose your chest during certain activities, then this is an operation to go for. A qualified male breast reduction surgeon can guide you in achieving dramatic improvements with close to zero scarring.

How the Procedure is Undertaken


Liposuction is commonly adopted for correcting gynecomastia. This is preferred due to the fact that liposuction technology is highly advanced. The advancements avail us with a wider selection of less invasive methods.

But that’s not all because your cosmetic surgeon’s skill plays a vital role in the overall results.

The most common sedation technique is local anesthesia or general anesthesia and small incisions are made on each side of the chest. The ultimate incision method chosen depends on your needs as well as the preferred technique of your surgeon. Typically, the incisions are normally made on the areola’s edge or within the armpit.

These incisions are then used to remove excess glandular tissue and/or fat, while a new chest is sculpted to ensure it naturally fits with your body.

After liposuction, the recovery period is one of the least strenuous. You will be provided with a compression garment that is worn in the first weeks following surgery. It assists in reducing the swelling and greatly supports the healing tissues.

In about 3 weeks after Liposuction for men Berlin and breast reduction, your surgeon will advise you to keep off vigorous activities. Most men are said to resume work or school after some few days. But it is important to understand that each patient has a unique healing pace thus your surgeon will give you personalized instructions to follow.


This is an appropriate treatment option for patients who would like to get their desired body while still keeping off the risk of major surgeries. Furthermore, it requires no general anesthesia.

This technique is mild compared to liposuction described above in the sense that it creates a difference between fat and vital tissues like blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves. In doing so, it eliminates risks to such important tissues.

Vaser Liposuction involves liquefying fat and removing it from the body by the use of mild suction techniques. It is an outpatient procedure and will not keep you from work or sports or your favorite activities for long. The results are also naturally looking.


Liposuction works best if the male breasts to be reduced are mild. However, there are some severe scenarios where advance d surgical tissue excision yields the desired results. This approach is also used on patients with stretched, sagging skin closer to the breasts.

A tissue excision is the best way a cosmetic surgeon can remove more skin or tissue that liposuction alone isn’t enough to treat.

The incisions and their lengths are made as determined by the extent to which the surgery will be done. They are in most cases located on the areola’s edge. A skilled and trained cosmetic surgeon will choose a location for the incisions while ensuring that they are as hidden as possible.

Gynecomastia operation with excision is normally conducted as an outpatient procedure and its recovery process is same as that of liposuction. The two are differentiated by the fact this process is most used in patients likely to undergo soreness and swelling. Most of the male are reported to be ready for work within the first week while others may stay for a couple of weeks.

After the Surgery

Once you have undergone a male breast reduction procedure, you should begin noticing some changes on your chest’s appearance. The initial days may be laden with soreness and minimal pain. Your cosmetic surgeon may issue a prescription of the pain medication but majority of these can be found over the counter. These alone are enough but a compression garment can also be availed to help in pain management. Use it as it will also aid in making you comfortable and assist the chest heal optimally.

The results you get from any of these procedures are meant to be permanent. But to ensure the excess glandular tissue, excess fat and skin are gone forever, be sure to live a healthy lifestyle. Gynecomastia may recur if you regain significant weight or use steroid.



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