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As we age, it often feels like our faces themselves take the brunt force of the aging process. This is due (for the most part) to the fact that our facial tissues are the most expressive on our bodies, hence why we develop laugh lines and crows feet. However, gravity and certain environmental and lifestyle factors can also affect the integrity of everything from the collagen which keeps our skin firm, to our overall skin tone and complexion.
Thankfully, if you feel like the years haven’t been as kind to you as you would like, a facelift will often be able to help restore a distinct level of aesthetic and natural youthfulness. Of course, having a facelift is a very personal issue. This is why at our Berlin clinic, we strive to provide facelifting procedures which accentuate and enhance people’s underlying natural beauty, not leave patients feeling at all unfamiliar with their post-operative appearance.

When Should you Consider Having a Facelift?

With advances in contemporary cosmetic practices, it is often possible to rejuvenate areas such as the cheeks, brow, and midface using fillers such as Restylane and Sculptra. In like regard, crows feet and frown lines can often be thwarted by relatively non-invasive procedures such as botox.

Sadly, however, sagging jowls, chin, and neck areas often can’t be lessened in appearance via non-surgical methods. This is why at our Berlin Schöneberg clinic, we provide facelifting and neck lifting cosmetic surgeries designed to fully revitalize the appearance of your face overall.

Our Consultation Process

Electing to have any kind of surgery can be risky. When you approach us in regard to a future facelift (or any kind of cosmetic procedure), we will therefore discuss the associated risks with you prior to scheduling surgery itself. At the same time, we will personally discuss your options and personal surgical expectations with you. This way, you can be assured that any facelift will fully meet these, and you know exactly what to expect from the later healing and recuperation process.

What is the best age for a Facelift?

As a rule, the less pronounced the effects of aging are on your face, the easier it can be to use different facelifting approaches to restore your overall youthfulness. Many men and women, in this case, have their first facelift in their fifties, however, at our Berlin clinic, we welcome patients every day of all ages and from all kinds of different personal backgrounds.



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