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The chin is essential to the appearance of the face and neck. A properly positioned chin with the appropriate size and shape contributes to the appearance of the face. This is why a weak, narrow or short chin must be corrected with implants and osteotomies.

A faulty chin can be brought forward; pushed back or taking down a little. The position is largely determined by aesthetic needs. Prior to performing surgical operations on a deformed chin, a cephalometric analysis is performed to help verify the procedure that suits a patient the most.

While implant and osteotomy are regarded as the two methods available for restructuring the chin bone, one of these methods cannot be used for another.

Apart from being entirely different from each other, osteotomy creates the most desirable result when used for correcting vertically long chin bone, as implant cannot be used for shortening the chin. Implant may not be able to correct vertically short chin as well.

What is Chin Osteotomy?

Chin osteotomy is a surgical activity done to for correcting deformed chin structure. If a patient has a chin with vertical shortness (that is, too short chin), chin osteotomy is commonly performed on the patient. It involves cutting and moving the chin bones to build a better chin structure for the patient. Chin osteotomy helps in reducing (mentoplasty) or adding (genioplasty) material to the chin of a patient.

How is Chin Corrected Through Chin Implants?

Deformed chin can be savaged with chin implants, through plastic surgery. When done properly, the profile of the chin appears like the normal type.

What are the types of chin osteotomy?

There are two stages in restructuring the chin. First, the repositioning of the chin through the chin. Then adjusting the length of the bone, adding to the bone length.

There are different types of chin osteotomy. Some of these types are:


This osteotomy procedure involves altering the relationship between the lower and upper teeth. It is a type of chin osteotomy where the aesthetic qualities are not the primary concern. It requires that the mandibular bone is cut and leads to a prolonged recovery after operation. In addition, it requires the usage of numerous devices such as maxillo-mandibular fixation and other materials.

Sliding Genioplasty

This chin osteotomy procedure involves performing surgical operation at the point where the gingiva meets the lining of the lips.
When not done in this manner, an incision can be done under the chin for the chine bone to be accessed. Then chinbone is then detarched from the rest of the jawbone and moved towards the desired direction.

For performing sliding genioplasty, plates and screws are applied. There are needed to hold the deterched chin bone in its new position. Sliding genioplasty is not commonly performed on patients. It is helpful because the chin length can be adjusted later.

What are the types of chin implants?

Silicone implants

Silicone implants have many advantages. They are gentle, flexible and smooth. They do not stick to the elements around them and can be taken out easily.

Accellular Dermal Matrix

Also called AlloDerm, ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix) is a material from bodies of donors. They are taken from the bodies upon death and are treated with antibiotics as well as other materials to erase the cells of the donor.


This material is hard but fairly flexible. It can be different sizes and shapes. Polythelyene implants have the ability to blend with tissues around them, causing the tissues to mix with the material. This implant material usually fixes into the desired part, becoming tough to remove.


The Polytetrafluoroethylene material is used as implant for plastic surgeries. Using this material, a surgeon will need titanium screws to fix it to the bone. It is known as Gore, subcutaneous augmentation material (S.A.M) or expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE).

Is there a way to have chin correction without surgery?

There are non-surgical chin corrective procedures that produce natural results. This procedure adopts injectable fillers. The most popular fillers are calcium, hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite.

However, non-surgical chin methods are temporary and do not last longer than few years, even months.

Are there Major Side Effects for Chin Correction with Implants and Osteotomy?

No major side effects, related with chin correction using implants and osteotomy, have been recorded. Some patients have been observed to experience swelling, numbness and weakness of the lip and blood pooling. Interestingly, all these minor side effects do not last long.

Some other concerns are infections and changes in the structure of the bone. Irrespective of these, a patient operated on by a skilled surgeon is not likely to experience any of the side effects mentioned above.

Consequently, you can have a side-effect free chin. If you are in Berlin or anywhere else, you can be treated safely.

What Are the Requirements for Having Chin Correction with Implants and Osteotomy?

Patient who wants to have chin correction surgery should have good health and must not have exaggerated expectations concerning the results of the surgery.

The patient must have a stable emotional condition and should not have used anticoagulants or other related medicines six months before surgery.

It is critical also that the patient must not have suffered from hypertension before surgery. After undergoing a chin correction surgery, however, it is necessary that a patient stays away from chewing.

Chewing should be kept at the most minimal level after the plastic surgery. Patients are usually advised to eat soft meal and take soft drink (water is most preferable) after having the surgery.

Can I have Chin Correction with Implants and Osteotomy?

Anybody with an unbalanced facial profile can have a chin correction surgery. When patient notices that their chin is too narrow or short and want to look better, they can have a chin augmentation surgery.

If you have a fleshy neck, conspicuous nose, and recessed chin, chin correction with implants and osteotomy is ideal for you.

What results do I get from Chin Correction with Implants and Osteotomy?

When done adequately, chin correction ensures that a patient has a well-defined jaw and matches the look of the nose. The overall effect of this plastic surgery is that the face is well structured and looks beautiful



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