Combined Facial Rejuvenation
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With combined facial rejuvenation, you are set to have a young-looking face all over, not just on the lower face.

Facelift shouldn’t be looked at as just any other skin tightening procedure because it goes into the deeper lower structures to literally lift them. In so doing, it achieves natural results considered one of the most effective. However, patients who desire more, that is, youthful eyes, mid face and brows, then Combined Facial Rejuvenation is the way to go.
These procedures are normally combined with facelift surgery so as to achieve more appealing results.

• Elimination of sagging skin and pockets through upper and/or lower blepharoplasty

• Repositioning of the eyes to give them a more youthful and elegant appearance

• Improvement of facial structure using chin or cheek implants

The Rights Candidates for Combined Facial Rejuvenation

Your age is not the only defining factor to undergo a combined facial rejuvenation. You can choose this technique as a way of delaying or improving facial signs of aging. There are some other factors as follows that define the best candidate for the procedure:

• You have a clear understanding of your surgery goals

• You are fully aware of what a combined facial rejuvenation can and cannot do

• You are fit both emotionally and health-wise

• Your expectations after the surgery are realistic and will be okay with minor asymmetries

• You commit yourself to making the right health decisions so as to maintain the results enjoyed by the surgery

As explained above, facelift is normally done hand-in-hand with combined facial rejuvenation. The following are the broad categories for Facelifts.

Short Incision Lifts

No one can avoid the aging process because it is a natural occurrence. For some, acceptance and moving on seems a good decision but for others, they find no reason why they have to look much older than they actually feel. Luckily, cosmetic surgery has made major advances that work in their favor to help them regain a tight facial appearance they once had in their youthful years.

But as they embrace the cosmetic surgery techniques available, every patient aims at avoiding the obvious plastic surgery look that is associated with overaggressive surgical face-lift procedures. That is what makes facelift a preferred technique.

The Short Incision Lifts is one of the different facelift techniques available. Also referred to as minimally invasive facelift, this technique has the overall goal of restoring a younger appearance while shortening the recovery time.

It is a smaller, less invasive technique that targets patients aged 40 and above having saggy lower face jowls while the sagging in their necks is considered minimal.

Long Incision Facelift

Aging has tremendous impact on our cheeks, eyes, brows, and neck and jaw lines. But with Long Incision Facelift, the lower portion of the face, especially the jaw line and cheeks can be tightened. Most people choosing this technique are subjected to a neck lift as well in order to tighten the neck thereby eliminating wrinkling which results from aging.

By using longer incision, it becomes possible to experience advanced improvement in the neck area for those with pronounced sagging. In most cases, the procedure is normally done in conjunction with platysmaplasty to further improve the neck area.

This approach can best serve patients who need significant neck lifting but don’t want to put on a pony tail once the surgery is accomplished.

To carry out this procedure, incisions are placed in the natural skin – both front and back of the ears. These incisions go as far as to the scalp to ensure more neck lifting is achieved. The lower face and neck skin is lifted from the underneath fat and muscles. The structures below are then suspended upward and slightly backward so that they can have a youthful posture. Excessive skin is cut out and incisions closed in a manner that lessens their visibility.

Combined Facial Rejuvenation

In this case, a short or long incision facelift is done in combination with other surgical procedures so as to have a whole face improvement. If necessary, the eyes, bone structure and brows are also considered.

In summary, patients requesting for combine facial rejuvenation will have a treatment encompassing some or all of the following:

• A lower facelift done using either short incision facelift or long incision facelift

• Skin resurfacing to smooth out pronounced wrinkles

• Addition of volume in the mid face through fat transfer or by use of dermal fillers

Our medical center clearly understands that no two patients are alike and thus the treatment plan for each will be developed during the one on one consultation. The consultation is one of the most significant phases of the facial rejuvenation process. We motivate each of our patients to ensure they undergo consultation.

It is also not a mandatory that you have to undergo both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Individual patients have got their own levels of comfort. These are the different patients that come to our medical center:

The No Surgery Patients:

This comprises a group of patients who would like to have a non-surgical facial rejuvenation. The results here are quite limited but provided the patient is okay with that, they will be extremely pleased. The techniques adopted here can best smooth wrinkles around the eyes, and on the forehead in addition to increasing the volume of the mid-face as well as the mouth. However, repositioning of structure back to where they initially were is not possible.

The Surgery only Patients:

This is made up of a group of patients who would like to have nothing else apart from surgery alone during facial rejuvenation. They are limited by the fact that benefits of volume replacements are left out.

Patients comfortable either way:

Consists of patients that can have both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Combined Facial Rejuvenation Recovery

The recovery period is dependent on the type of facelift your surgeon used. You may have to undergo additional procedures aimed at fixing areas like the brows and eyelids. These do not increase the recovery time because the downtime for a facelift is longer.



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