Breast Augmentation
With New Generation
Super-light Implants
In Berlin

Breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery in Berlin and other places around the world. It is an option of providing good breasts shape and size that give you incredible feelings, you feel more confident and beautiful. Interestingly, breast augmentation has gotten even better with the introduction of new generation Super-light implants.

Superlight implants create the best results in breasts reconstruction or augmentation. It is seen as the modern implants, creating the most desired and natural results with the least danger. You can finally look and feel confident with your breasts.

Understanding Breast Augmentation with superlight implants

Breast augmentation is not only valid for aesthetic achievements, but it also reverses a wide range of breast deformities. Your breasts could fall from a whole lot of different reasons. Age, weight loss and mastectomy procedures among others. But with breast augmentation, your breasts are enlarged; becoming rounder, fuller and youthful. It involves the addition of external and internal tissues to the breasts – external tissues include saline or new generation Super-light implants while internal tissues are patient’s fat.

In the case of augmentation with new generation Super-light implants, the results are even better. The implant makes the augmentation become at least 30% lighter than the traditional implants. It contains superb silicone gel that is enhanced with microsphere. This microsphere is created from pure biocompatible borosilicate.

New generation Super-light implants guarantees refined post-operation results and more safety when compared with the normal implants. However, the result of this augmentation varies from patient to patient. It depends on the aspirations of the patients and the preference of the surgeon. To achieve the finest breast profile with aesthetic value, superlight implants is an important option of breast augmentation.

Why Do I Need Breast Augmentation with Superlight Implants?

There are many advantages that you can derive from breast augmentation with superlight implants. If you desire larger breasts that suit your body shape or reverse decreased breast size due to child birth and breast feeding, superlight implants can help you. This type of implant allows you to enjoy these incredible breast improvements while reducing the negative side effects caused by the regular implants.

Superlight implants are highly recommended to women suffering from breast deformities. This could be due to lumpectomy (or mastectomy), tuberous breast deformity (TBD) or breast asymmetry. New generation Super-light implants makes the positive effects of breast augmentation long-lasting. It is an improvement on the standard implants because It minimizes the instant and the long term negative effects of augmentation. It eliminates shoulder, neck and back pain while minimizing gravitational effects, breast deformity, areolar and nipple displacement and so many other problems.

This implant ensures that you have freedom of movement, much more than you are allowed to in standard implants.

What Requirements Do I have to Meet to Have Breast Augmentation with Superlight Implant?

There are certain requirements that must be met before you can have breast augmentation with superlight implant. You must be an adult, because it pays to perform breast augmentation plastic surgery on women whose breasts are fully developed – your breasts become fully developed at 20. In spite of this, you can get a breast augmentation if you have and can provide proof of parental consent.

In addition, you must have impressive emotional stability and health. Also, you must not be pregnant during the period when you are getting breast augmentation. It is most preferable that you are not a nursing mother and do not plan to have children in the future. This is because breast feeding and pregnancy cause the breasts to change size and shape. In same vein, you should be comfortable with your present body weight as weight loss and gain may change the size and shape of your breasts.

A patient should stop smoking and using aspirin at least two weeks before the operation. When ready for Super-light implants breast augmentation, you must not eat any food or take any drink after 12am before the day of operation. Another important requirement is the provision of CBC blood test and H&P (history and physical).

For better understanding of some of the requirements for breast augmentation with superlight implants, please see the outline below:

• You should be an adult (or have parental consent).

• You must stop smoking.

• You must provide your CBC blood test and history and physical test.

• You must have sagging breasts or suffer from breast deformity caused by TBD or surgery.

• You must lack good breasts profile or projection.

• You should have disproportionate balance in total figure due to bad breast shape.

• You must not be pregnant or breast feeding.

• It is preferable that you have no plans of having more children in the future.

• It is preferable that you would not be losing or gaining weight in the future.

Is Superlight Implant Safe?

There is a satisfactory surgical success that the new generation Super-light implants is accorded with. It was first conducted on over 40 subjects in 2013 and the subjects did not suffer from negative effects.

For your breast augmentation, Super-light implant is safe. There is no cause for alarm because the enhanced gel. The implant is developed to retain its contents in the event of a rupture. This is a huge improvement on other implants that can leak into tissues that surround it. Moreover, microsphere, an important component of the implant, is extensively used in various medical items due to its numerous advantages.

To ensure the safety of the new generation Super-light implants, researchers spent about 10 years, developing, testing and improving the implant.

How About Post-Operation Recovery?

You will recover fast after Super-light augmentation plastic surgery. Usually, patients recover in a couple of months. After the first week of operation, you can start a desk work or less intensive task. Then, nipple and areola sensations return to your body system and your discomfort, bruises and swellings are eliminated weeks after the surgery.

However, it is necessary that you stay away from work, exercise and driving for a week after surgery. It is important that you do not exercise your upper body until at least four weeks after surgery, while you can exercise your lower body after ten days. Also, you should use ace wraps and pain pump for the first two to three days after surgery.



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