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Breast implants have done tremendous work in the world of breast augmentation. However, these are not lifetime devices, with 50% of them being found to fail within the first 10 years. This creates the need for reinforcement from time and again.

But not all patients are happy with these reinforcements. They need something that once done there is no looking back. One way of doing so is undergoing breast augmentation the natural way, by use of patient’s own fat stem cells.

Stem cell breast augmentation has been around for several years but most surgeons worldwide have only begun adopting it in recent times. This is a natural breast augmentation technique whose efficacy and safety has been proven through vigorous scientific studies.

Different surgeons all over have used stem cell fat grafting for augmentation of numerous parts of the body including calves, hands, face, buttocks, cheek and chin. The resultant results have been highly satisfactory since the fat cells take the least amount of time possible to be fully incorporated into any place they have been transplanted. Stem cell fat injections have also been made in the breast tissue with the aim of fixing breast deformity especially once breast mastectomy reconstruction is done. Stem cell breast augmentation results have been hugely safe and praised.

The preferred stem cell breast augmentation technique is ultra-purification of patient’s own fat and micro fat grafting so as to guarantee high intake rates for stem cell and longer durability of the breast tissue.

Fat stem cells have found applications in numerous cosmetic and non-cosmetic treatments for breast surgery, such as:

• Using Cell Assisted Lipotransfer, CAL for breast augmentation

• Getting rid of unwanted (excess) breast implants and making a replacement using fat stem cells

• Dealing with breast cancer mastectomy through fat stem cell breast reconstruction

• Treating breast implants capsular contracture by using fat stem cells

• Using the fat stem cells to reduce breast implant rippling

The Technique and Recovery

This technique first begins with gentle liposuction during which fat is obtained from the body part a patient is ready to lose excess fat. The extracted fat is then taken through ultra-purification with the aim of increasing the stem cells yield. These fat stem cells are cleansed through sterilization and the use of special additives that boost their survival capability.

In carrying out the augmentation at our medical center, we deposit into the breast gland very thin layers of fat stem cells through the use of a meticulous and very delicate micro-fat grafting technique.

The technique is carefully implemented as the surgeon follows a 3D breast image for the sake of having a higher breast projection, cleavage and naturally-appealing shape.

The Stem Cell Breast Augmentation recovery time is much longer as opposed to the use of implants. This is because the involved patients are also subjected to liposuction. The average recovery period is 7 to 10 days once liposuction has been done.

Our surgeons will offer you with special recovery instructions tailored to the needs of a specific patient. The general advice to most patients is that they get a baseline mammogram between eight months and one year once the operation is done. There have been some instances when calcifications have risen. Normally, expert mammographers have the capability to identify these and create an explicit distinction from pre-cancerous calcifications.

Stem cell treatment is advantaged by the fact that it triggers a natural re-growth of fat tissue in the breast for a natural appearance that has a soft feel.


This technique is purely a natural way to achieve breast augmentation and be guaranteed of longer survival rate. But the fact that it is natural is also limiting to the extent to which the breasts can be enlarged, approximately one to two cup sizes, as determined by the initial breast size. Luckily, you can repeat the procedure a year later on to add more volume.

Besides the volume that can be realized, some other limitations include:

• Fat grafting to the breasts doesn’t fix breast sagging, just as implants are unable.

• You cannot use the technique immediately after the breast implant has been removed. The general guideline is that first remove the implants and then set aside a one year healing period before you can proceed with stem cell grafting

• There is the risk of some fat graft being absorbed into scar tissue but this depends on the existing breasts’ density, quality and integrity

• Finally, this procedure can only be undertaken if you have sufficient amount of fat. This therefore eliminates extremely fit women who have very little amount of body fat to lose.

Safety of Stem Cells in Fat Transfer

Different people have raised individual concerns regarding the safety of using stem cells to transfer fat. In order to arrive at believable and concise conclusions, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) conducted a research in 2011 to address the matter.

The task force concluded that this is an area with great promise of vast applications and still needs much further research. The task force back then preferred to classify the technique as a fat grafting procedure rather than natural transfer of stem cells. It also brought out the issue of some marketers taking it to the extremes by promising the unachievable.

The most recent study published in 2012 by the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery commends the advances made in the technique, and terms it as one that leads to significantly large breast augmentations, increased survival rate and less complications. The publication further terms it a safer and efficient procedure.

Our center believes in operating in the most professional manner while abiding with the code of ethics. Patients are advised to be aware of unethical practioners who would make all sorts of promises, some of which may be unachievable. Some of these unethical practioners manipulate the stem cells in order to realize their promised ‘better results’.



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