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Using B-Lite Implants To Reduce 
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Breast enhancement is one of the plastic surgeries that is common in many places. Every year several women undergo breast augmentation in Berlin and other parts of the world, making it very popular. Breast augmentation corrects ptosis, breast underdevelopment, asymmetry, and restores shape and volume to the breast.

Many women feel more confident and attractive when they have well aligned and firm breast. However, with time it begins to droop, mainly due to age, and also as a result of childbirth. Breast augmentation provides the opportunity for women who are bothered by this turn of event, to feel attractive once again.

Breast augmentation mostly involves breast lift, or the use of implants to Improve the shape and size of the breasts. Although this surgery rarely leads to complications, the breast implant may become displaced or may need to be replaced.

A secondary breast augmentation is required to replace the implant or to correct complications resulting from prior breast enhancement surgery.


There are many reasons that can cause a patient to desire a secondary breast augmentation, but the common reasons are,

Capsular Contracture

Many secondary breast augmentation surgeries involve implant capsule adjustment. When an implant is inserted into the breast, the implant becomes enveloped by a membrane which is referred to as implant capsule.

The capsule should be pliable and thin, so that the implant will be soft. However, if an inflammation occurs, the capsule becomes thick, causing the breast to feel hard, instead of soft. The thickening of the capsule is known as capsular contracture. Capsular contracture causes displacement of the implant and breast asymmetry.

A case of capsular contracture is treated by secondary breast augmentation that involves the partial or complete removal of the capsule, followed by an implant replacement.

Implant Displacement

Implant displacement often results after a breast enhancement. The implants may be displaced from its original position to a position high in the chest, towards the middle causing the breasts to come too close together, below the intended position, or even under the armpit.

A high implant is usually as a result of fixing implant from an inappropriate sub-mammary fold, or when the pectoral muscle is not released as should be.

This complication may be corrected by closing off the tissue capsule and creating a new pocket for the implant. Suturing of the old capsule prevents the implant from shifting back into that position again. During a secondary breast augmentation, effort is made to Place the implant at the center, so that the implant will be in balance with the areola.

Implant Rupture

Implant rupture may also occur after a breast enhancement. Rupture maybe be as a result of deterioration of the implant, manufacturing defect, trauma or even a mistake during the surgery.

As a matter fact, the silicon based implants in use presently, do not last for ever. They tend to deteriorate with time and may rupture causing a loss of shape and size.

In the case of a saline implant, when a rupture occurs, changes to the breast are noticed immediately because deflation is conspicuous.

A rupture of a silicon implant filled with silicon gel on the hand, may not be so obvious at first and can only be identified with an MRI screening. With time however, the breast will begin to lose its shape.

Any implant rupture whether intra-muscular or extra-muscular, requires a replacement with a new one in order to restore the shape of the breast.

Other reasons are;

For aesthetic purpose:

Where a woman may want an implant bigger or smaller than the one she presently has, or where she desires to change the shape of her breast.


When the skin of the top part of the breast becomes undulated after a breast enhancement, as a result of implant content filling the lower part of the breast leaving the upper part empty.


Where the breasts are too close together as a result of over dissection of the medial region.

Rotation of the implant

Which results from choosing an impropriate implant size for the pocket made. A loose envelope and the presence of a hematoma can also cause implant rotation.


As a result of contamination by mammary secretion and poor aseptic procedures during a breast augmentation.

Visibility of the implant

As a result of thin envelop or cutaneous aging is also a reason for secondary breast augmentation.


B-Lite is a breast implant with an advanced technology. Its microsphere silicon gel makes it superior to the traditional saline filled and silicon gel implants presently in use.

B-Lite has become the most suitable replacement during secondary breast augmentation because of its biological compatibility, resistance to trauma and the ability to withstand pressure.

Using B-Lite also reduces the weight of the implant. The microspheres contained in the implant reduces the volume of silicon gel required, thereby reducing the weight of the implant as well as silicon content.


• B Lite implants weigh less than the current silicon based implants. Therefore, they are less likely to go out of position or even alter the chest wall.

• B-Lite also reduces the chances of ptosis after a breast enhancement which heavier implants are linked to.

• Using a B-Lite implant also reduces the chance of a leakage when an implant is ruptured. The microsphere gel is capable of adhering the small volume of silicon in the implant.

B-lite is a technology that gives you a more natural result and has already become widely adopted.


You will be able to return to non-strenuous activities at least 3 days after a secondary breast enhancement surgery. You will also be required to wear sports bra for a few weeks for proper healing.

However, after a month you may be able to lift heavy objects or do sports.

You will be able to see the result of your secondary breast augmentation with B-Lite after the swelling has reduced and the tissues have adapted to the implant. This is usually after 8-12 weeks.



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