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Oncoplastic breast surgery applies an aesthetic approach to the breast cancer treatment by removing the cancer while also rebuilding and preserving the breast to keep its natural feel and look. With this multidisciplinary method, the reconstructive plastic doctor and surgical oncologist work as a team, cooperating in a strategy to remove cancer in a way maintains as much breast skin and tissue as possible. Reconstructive procedures are then applied to rebuild and reshape the breast. Oncoplastic procedure not only removes the cancer, it is also intended to prevent excessive deformities and scarring, helping to create an aesthetically pleasing breast after treatment and restore a healthy physical look.

Oncoplastic breast Berlin may also help woman heal emotionally after cancer surgery, restoring the feelings of confidence, femininity and self-esteem. When a large lumpectomy is needed that will leave the breast distorted, the remaining tissues are sculpted to realign the areola and nipple, and restore the natural appearance to the breast.

What is Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin?

When lumpectomies began to become a viable option to mastectomy, a lot of patients were offered breast conservation as an alternative. The initial breast look after this was frequently quite good.

After radiation therapy, the right results of lumpectomies started to become obvious. When the tumor was small in comparison to the whole breast and in favorable locations, the breast appearance and shape was usually preserved. However, when lumpectomies were applied for tumors that were relatively larger compared to the breast or for tumors that were in unfavorable locations in the breast, the breast frequently appeared indented, misshapen, and smaller than the opposite breast. This unanticipated outcome, after radiation, is frequently very difficult to correct.

The procedure of Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin is a form of immediate reconstruction that is intended to conserve as much breast tissues as possible while also forcefully removing all of the cancerous tissue.

The Good candidate for Oncoplastic Breast reconstruction Berlin

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction Berlin is best applied at the same time as the lumpectomy to permit the plastic doctor the chance to provide the best cosmetic results possible. Relying on the size of breast, the breasts may require having volume added, rearranged or removed in order to attain a good aesthetic outcome.

** Patient with large breasts may advantage from an oncoplastic breast reduction Berlin, which removes cancer in combination with the tissues usually removed throughout a standard breast reduction. This permits for a larger resection and potentially reduces the risk for local recurrence of breast cancer. Additional advantages may include alleviation of the usual concerns of patients with large breasts including back pain, neck pain, grooves in shoulders from bra straps and skin irritation below the breasts.

** Patient with dropping breasts (as ptosis) but without the surplus volume may also be candidate for oncoplastic surgery. Breast cancer may be approached during the same incision applied in a breast lift and can be applied simultaneously. In this way, cancer is removed and the breasts are given a more youthful appearance.

** Patient who has already undergone lumpectomy and radiation, as well dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts is also a candidate for reconstruction; although this can be challenging to proper.

The procedure of Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin

At the time of patient’ lumpectomy, the surgical oncologist will remove the lymph nodes and tumor. The surgeon will carry out a bilateral breast lift or reduction, removing the breast tissues from the cancerous breast in addition to modifying the normal breasts. The procedure usually involves an incision around nipple and areola, a vertical incision from the nipple to lower fold of breast, and a horizontal incision in the fold of breast.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain the blood supply to the nipple through the surgery. In these cases, a “free nipple grafts” are the only way by which the nipple may be maintained. This involves removing the nipple and replacing it on the breasts similar to a skin graft following the breast reduction or lift is done.

The disadvantage of free nipple grafts is the resulting nipple numbness and inability to breastfeed. This procedure is performed only as a last resort if the surgeon feels that the nipple may not be saved otherwise.

The benefits of having Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin at the time of lumpectomy

• Permits wider excision around tumor for reduced risks of cancer recurrence, without compromising aesthetics

• Produces a more satisfying cosmetic results over traditional reconstructive procedures

• Needs only a single procedure for the cancer removal and reconstruction of breasts

• When a larger amount of tissues have to be removed, performing a matching surgery on the other breast provides improved symmetry.

• Is completed prior to radiation, so patient avoids the risks of wound-healing troubles that can happen with a post-radiation operation.

The Techniques of Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin

Split Reduction Technique:

This improved procedure is a modification of breast reduction. It permits the removal of a tumor in any place of breasts, in spite of how close it is to the skin, with broadly clear margins, and maintenance of an ideal breast look.

Breast Lift Technique:

For tumor in small to medium sized breast that has mild to moderate breast sagging, donut lift technique delivers outstanding results. With this technique, surgery removes tissue containing the tumors along with a doughnut of skin around nipple. The remaining tissues are reshaped to generate a rounder and lifted breast with only one, well-hidden incision surrounding the areola.

Breast Reduction Technique:

This procedure permits access to tumors anywhere in the breast. This procedure is ideal for woman with larger breast where a considerable amount of tissues removal and rearrangement is needed. Large amounts of breast tissues can be removed with outstanding cosmetic results and usually widely clear margins.

What kind of anesthesia will be performed for Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin?

The type of the anesthesia differs with each procedure. For the majority of oncoplastic procedures, general anesthesia is required and the patient will be asleep during the whole procedure of breast biopsy, lumpectomy and reconstruction. The anesthesia performed in operation will depend on the kind and extent of procedure(s), the patient’ age, and the surgeon’s preference.

The recovery of Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Berlin

After the procedure is done, patient’ breasts will be wrapped in a compressive dressing that should be worn for 24 – 48 hours to reduce swelling and other complications. Sutures can be removed after about one week, with decreased swelling each week and scars from the incisions starting to fade with proper care. The surgeon will be in common contact with patient to confirm that patient is comfortable and the recovery is going smoothly.



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