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There are no such words as nipple hypertrophy which translates to increase in nipple size over time, many nipple surgeries around the globe are carried out as a result of what many consider as oversized nipples, hence it is deemed as deformation. However, the cause of nipple deformation remains a mystery in the scientific world. Towards the end of 20th century, there has been an increase in the number of women who feels uncomfortable with nipple deformation as a result they seek medical solution such as plastic surgeries to ensure correction.

Nipple reduction is a form of cosmetic surgery procedures employed in decreasing size of the nipple in other to arrive at shape which is more acceptable to it owner. This procedure is often carried out on women with low self-esteem, or those who feels like they deserve better nipples. Those kinds of women go as far as carrying silicon prosthesis in their breasts fortunately there exist super light breast implants in many developed nations now.

Reducing nipple involves making incision (small) in order to eliminate excess tissue. In rare scenarios, the surgeon will make use of local anaesthesia to numb a specific area when the procedure is being carried out, though general anaesthesia may be carried out for the same reason. In most women, especially young women, the procedure does not exceed one hour depending on experience and proficiency of the plastic surgeon in an area of nipple reduction. Advanced practices have guaranteed breast augmentation rapid recovery. Maybe as a result of fashion trend, round breast implants are usually accompanied by the reduction of the nipple, if both looks longer than 6mm, they will be worked on together.In addition, patients now breast augmentation 24h recovery, therefore, they need not sleep over in the clinic after the procedure.

Simple Excision

The fundamental procedure involved in nipple reduction is very simple. While it can be considered as a form of surgical procedure, it can be completed in less than 60 minutes with the use of local anaesthetic. A simple excision encircling the areola gives way for easy reshaping and modification with respect to its appearance and that of the nipple. Final recovery time depends on individual or body chemistry, but it is typically between 5-7 days after the procedure. During this time, it is of utmost important that patients should avoid medium to heavy exercise, follow your doctor’s advice to the letter regarding care in order to achieve the best possible post-surgery result.

The procedure may leave a fine scar at the excision site, but since this is a point where the nipple meets with the areola, the scarring is often unnoticed. It is expected that your nipple will become sore for a couple of days, but most people return to work or their business within a week after the surgical procedure.

Laser Reduction

Advertised by Dr. Stevens in L.A. is laser reduction, it is a way of supporting nipple the dermis layer of the skin after reduction. The word ‘Laser’ makes it sound like and high technology procedure, but in a real sense, it is just another way to skin the cat. As breast surgery is becoming more popular, a bloodless procedure is desirable with faster recovery time- laser procedure guarantees all of these. Carbon (iv) oxide laser is employed in the removal of skin, this procedure seems dangerous due to it perceived overall health implication by the patients. For the time being, it remains as a procedure that is feared by men and women who want to undergo nipple or breast reduction surgery.

Incorporation of Nipple Reduction into Breast Surgery

Another challenge with nipple correction is relapsed when the nipple begins to lose projection and it returned inward position. Therefore, nipple reduction surgery can be incorporated into general breast surgery. Usually, many doctors delay nipple reduction in a scenario of breast augmentation until the end of the procedure, as implants may push out one or both nipples, making post-surgical correction unavoidable.

Puffy nipples may occur in women as a result of tubular breast deformity. In this kind of nipple problem, areola and nipples get protruded as a result of underlying herniation of breast tissue. Correction of this problem is a bit complicated than isolated nipple surgery. Oftentimes, it is incorporated into breast surgery which requires implants and manipulation of the areola. An incision is made around the areola, thereby removing few pigmented skin, then lifting up areola skin in order to reduce its puffiness. It is a more extensive surgery that demands surgical expertise.

Aftermaths of Nipple Reduction Surgery

Some of the risks associated with this procedure are; scarring, loss of sensation, swelling, infection, and bruising.

Other potential risks are:

Asymmetrical nipple:

This is a situation whereby both nipples do not match in shape and size after the surgical procedure. It is important to understand that, cosmetics surgery is an art, therefore aesthetic of the nipple after surgery depends on the artistic capability of the doctor.

Loss of ability to breastfeed:

This is a situation whereby both nipples do not match in shape and size after the surgical procedure. It is important to understand that, cosmetics surgery is an art, therefore aesthetic of the nipple after surgery depends on the artistic capability of the doctor.

Unsatisfactory results:

This may be due to the fact that less or more tissues have been removed than it is necessary, creating an unhappy feeling in the patient. Absolute customer satisfaction is almost impossible in cosmetic surgery.

Loss of sensation in the nipple or areola:

breast is a vital erogenous zone in both during sexual intercourse, especially in females. This zone may be lost to nipple reduction, therefore the functionality of the organ has been reduced to only its aesthetics.

When it is juxtaposed with other forms of cosmetic surgery procedures, reduction of the nipple is a difficult process and it risks is minimal. Nevertheless, it is imperative to discuss its potential risks with your doctor or consultant, so as to be informed or aware of possible effects and how to mitigate it. Also, it is advisable that you hire an experienced surgeon who has worked on not less than a thousand nipples with amazing results, check if previous results meet your demand.



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