Vertical Scar
Mastopexy In Berlin

There are several factors that lead to sagging breasts. But they can be corrected through vertical mastopexy, regardless of the cause.

Your breasts could sag as a result of your weight loss, your breastfeeding, or aging. Yet, vertical mastopexy is an ideal corrective measure. It entails the lifting of the breasts by removing some parts of the skin, restoring the breasts to its pristine form. Your breasts become firm and youthful all over again.

Vertical mastopexy is also known as lollipop lift. Depending your skin type and preference, it is a remedy for your aging breasts. This technique is close to the traditional breast lift and the doughnut mastopexy techniques. If your breast is to be lifted using vertical mastopexy, an incision will be made around your areola and then another small incision will run straight down till it reaches the point where your breast creases. Ladies who crave slight lift with minimal scars are usually satisfied with the results of vertical scar mastopexy.

Summarily, vertical mastopexy helps correct sagging breasts, fallen nipples, ugly stretch marks, unlevelled breasts and disproportionately large areolas.

Vertical Scar Mastopexy without Implants

Many ladies with gorgeous breasts owe their beautiful looks to plastic surgery. And yours can be improved too. Your breast(s) can be enhanced through natural results, without any implants.

Since the aim is to have your breast lifted, with its youthful appearance restored, a plastic surgery can be done for desired effects. And it does not necessarily require implants.

Mastopexy without implant implies that your breast is lifted using the natural tissues in the breast. The excess skin of the breast is removed and the breast is shaped with the tissues that are left. Then, the areola and nipple are positioned in an upper place on the breast.

Likewise, the stretched-out areola on sagging breasts can be made compact. The skin above the areola is drawn down and collected to give the breast a new and youthful look. The contour of the breast can be improved with liposuction. This results in scar that takes the shape of lollipop on the breast. The desired results will be achieved at least six months after plastic surgery.

Can I have Vertical Scar Mastopexy?

Vertical scar mastopexy can be performed on anybody who meets the requirements. If you are an adult for instance, you can benefit from a breast lift. However, it is most beneficial that you wait for your breasts to stop developing before opting for mastopexy.

Breast feeding and pregnancy usually have effects on the breasts shape and size, therefore, it is best that surgery is postponed until you have had all your children.

Vertical scar mastopexy is good for you if your breasts droop or if your nipples and areolas are pointed downward. If you are in Berlin, or other places around the world, and you feel strongly about making your breasts look better, vertical mastopexy is right for you.

Measurement of the breast is usually taken before vertical mastopexy. This is done to check the level of sag in the breasts and to check for the appropriate adjustment for the breast lift. Measurement is taken from the nipple to the sternal notch to estimate how much the nipple fall is. Before consultations, you can take measurement yourself.

Vertical Scar Mastopexy in Berlin to measure the distance between your sternal notch and nipple. A youthful breast usually has about 21 cm or 8-inch distance from sternal notch to the nipple.

In the instance that the distance between your nipple and sternal notch is greater than 21 cm, use your hand to move your nipple up a little for an idea of how your breast would look like after a vertical mastopexy.

To help you understand the requirements that must be met before a vertical mastopexy, here is an outline:

• Must have attained the age of eighteen.

• Must be in good health and have emotional stability.

• Must have sagging breasts; breasts that have changed from how it used to be in the past.

• Must not be a nursing mother (breastfeeding) or pregnant.

• Must be comfortable with present body weight without plans for losing body weight in the future.

• Must not have plans of becoming pregnant in the future.

How Soon Will I Recover from After Breast Lift?

Recovery from vertical mastopexy is fairly quick. A patient fully recovers after the plastic surgery in a couple of months. After the first week of surgery, you can resume working at less intensive or desk work. The preceding weeks after surgery brings comfort, all sorts of bruising, discomfort and swelling will diminish and the normal nipple and areola sensations will gradually become restored. Also, patient can resume with their usual activities and exercise. After two to three months, the breasts will take their normal profile as incision marks gradually fade off.

However, it is usually recommended that patients stay away from strenuous activities during the postoperative duration.

Will My Breast Have Ugly Scars?

People who desire mastopexy are usually scared of having ugly postoperative scars. Many ladies who go for breast lift also demand that minute scars be left on the breasts.

Vertical mastopexy caters for this concern. The technique leaves a faint lollipoplike scar on the breasts after full recovery. This fainted scar is not ugly and is a worthwhile exchange for the new, beautiful breast shape that you have. However, it should be noted that the level of scarring is determined by surgeon’s skills.

Will the Stretch Marks on My Breast Skin Leave?

Weight gain and pregnancy are some of the reasons why stretch marks appear on the breast skin. The formation is caused after tears occur under the layers of the breast skin.

Fortunately, a vertical scar mastopexy can help remove stretch marks on the breast skin. During the cosmetic plastic surgery, some parts of the breast skin will be removed. These skin parts will include the area where you have stretch marks.

What am I expected to do Before a Vertical Mastopexy?

Going for a vertical mastopexy requires that you do certain things or do away with certain habits. First, you should stop smoking. Also, you should stop taking aspirin two weeks before the surgery. Similarly, you must stop eating or drinking anything after 12 am on the day before your surgery. It is vital that you provide your history and physical (H&P) and a CBC blood test



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