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The philosophy of Large Breast Augmentation Berlin

The majority of women are not blessed with the sensual bust line that they wish, which is why breast augmentation to improve the shape and size of the breasts, years after years, continues to be one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. While there are many essential considerations that go into a breast augmentation, one of the most difficult decisions is what size breast implant to utilize. Selecting a breast implant is very important to creating the preferred body contours, but also plays a great role in generating ideal body proportions. A large number of women desire to confirm the results of breast augmentation are obvious, so they are inclined to ask for large breast augmentation Berlin; and our plastic surgeon will discuss with patients the advantages of large breast implants to assist them select an implant size that is best-suited to their desires and needs.

Large Breast Augmentation Berlin Overview

The most essential part of an effective large breast augmentation Berlin treatment is the successful stretching of obtainable breast tissue without compromising the natural flow of blood to breasts. To keep the integrity of these breast tissues, patients have 1-2 treatment options available to them: they can either obtain increasingly larger implants over the course of multiple procedures, each spaced a small number of months apart, or utilize breast tissue expands.

If a woman is naturally small busted, inserting a large augmentation Berlin for a first implants could potentially stretch her skin too fast and leave her with unattractive stretch marks that are irreversible. Implanting larger implants throughout a first time; augmentation may also lower where the breast naturally sits on the chest leading to a potential “bottoming out” over the course of time. Staging breasts augmentation will permit for patient’s pockets to expand and allow for larger implants to be placed at a later time.

Additionally; it is recommended to wait 6 months as a minimum prior to having a second procedure to exchange current implants for a larger size. This permits for suitable wound healing plus allowing all internal swelling and sutures to no longer be present.

The Good candidate for large Breast Augmentation Berlin

There are some few considerations before one can be taken through breast augmentation and lip filling. Generally, the patient must have first made the decision and is ready to undergo the two operations simultaneously. Additionally, the best candidate for breast augmentation is one:

• She should be 18 years old as a minimum

• She has to be emotionally and physically healthy

• Has completed at least 3 months of counseling

• Has a letter of recommendation from a licensed health professional

• She should be fully committed to breasts augmentation surgery

The Procedure of Large Breast Augmentation Berlin

Our surgeons mostly perform Large Breast Augmentation Berlin in a combination with Fat Transplantation Berlin (fat transfer) and rather staging it. The first step is doing one or multiple sessions of fat transfer for 3-4 months of time period. The plastic surgeons Berlin do a combine of fat with PRP in order to improve the fat intake and then second step large breast Augmentation Berlin with super light implants or normal implants relying on the type of tissue age, weight and etc.

** Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

For woman who has deflated breasts due to age or childbirth, fat can be transferred directly to the breasts tissue. However, other who has naturally tight and small breasts may need preparation with an external expansion device that is worn under the clothes, over the chest. This permits the skin to stretch, prepares the breast to receive and supports the fat that will be transferred. Fat is collected utilizing liposuction and then carefully prepared and handled to maximize fat survival, in addition to preserve stem cells and any other advantageous growth factors that may be present. This is then injected using the small needles around breast area. Recovery is like any liposuction procedure; and patient usually goes home the same day. There is a minimal to no scarring and results frequently appear and very natural.

Patient may have some mild swelling and discomfort after the surgery. When she is discharged, she will be given prescriptions to assist keep her comfortable. A compression helps minimize swelling and quick recovery.

** The combination of Fat with Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

PRP has become an extremely hot topic over the past few years for a variety of uses. It has become very popular in orthopedics and has recently gained momentum in the aesthetic world/ plastic surgery. Fat is a living tissue, it requires a blood supply to survive. Adding Platelet Rich Plasma (which uses own blood platelets that are rich in growth factors to patient own fat, allows her fat to develop its own novel blood supply, leading to 80 – 90% survival of the transplanted fat.

The Benefits of large Breast Augmentation Berlin

• The primary advantage of Large Breast Augmentation Berlin is improving the breasts to a significant degree, therefore giving patient the distinction she desires from the operation.

• Obviously an increased in breasts size.

• More noticeable Breasts

• Various styles of clothing may be in shape and fit better

• Creates an extra significant transformation

• Can provide patient better body proportions such as larger hips or thighs

• Large Breast Augmentation Berlin can even out the body and make an hourglass silhouette. This generates the curvy and visually appealing body proportions that are preferred by many.

Restrictions after Large Breast Augmentation Berlin

• Sleep on your sides or stomach for 6 weeks (you have to sleep on your back).

• Jump, run or perform any other energetic physical activities that will make breasts bounce and potentially break open wounds, or dislodge the implants.

• Try to observe your scars by pulling up on breasts (to perceive the breast fold and areola scars) or lifting arms (to notice the armpit scars) because patient risk breaking open your wounds.

• Lift your arms on top of your shoulders, particularly if the surgery was performed utilizing the armpit (Trans-Axillary) treatment.

• Get your wounds sodden for the first 2 – 5 days after operation, unless your plastic surgery Berlin has applied a waterproof bandage to guard and protect your scars.

• Bath for two weeks; after the first few days, patient can shower, but take care to carefully dry your wounds (you should employ a hairdryer on a low setting to totally dry the wounds and dressings).

• Remove your surgical bra and compression band until your plastic surgey Berlin has advised you to perform.

• Wear an underwire bra or push-up bra for 6 weeks after surgery as a minimum.

The Recovery of Large Breast Augmentation Berlin

• The surgery will send patient home with a provided surgical bra. After 24 hours after procedure, patient is welcome to change into a shapely underwire bra approved by her surgery, which is worn day and night for 6-8 weeks. The underwire alleviates the lower and outer breast pocket dimensions, resulting in predictable implant place and central cleavage as the implants drop as well settle with gravitational forces.

• Bra support is recommended long-term to diminish risks for sagging, which naturally happen. The larger patient goes the more potential gravitational effect.

• Oral pain medications and muscle relaxers are set to relieve discomfort and anxiety.

• Sutures are dissolvable

• No upper body activities, heavy lifting or fitness work outs for 3-4 weeks

• The implants settle, soften, and drop starting at 2 month, but the time outline can be quite variable, relying on the individual’s tissue tightness and skin tone. Mild appearance alterations can happen for 6 months after procedure as a result of gravitational forces

• Patient takes 1-2 weeks off work

• Exercises are allowed gradually and as allowed in 4 weeks.



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