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Woman that requires a breast lift have sagging breast tissue that may be the result of weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural aging process. Breast sagging (ptosis) can happen in breasts of almost any size or shape. However, the traditional breasts lift technique with an inverted-T incision is not an alternative for many women to accept. The innovative internal bra Mastopexy Berlin technique is able to provide the same quality lift results as traditional techniques while giving long-lasting improvement with just incisions around the areola.

For woman who wants perkier breasts that keep her shape longer, the internal bra Mastopexy Berlin is a new, exciting technology that will satisfy her wishes. In addition to this, the internal bra can correct the previously uncorrectable surgical errors, and avoid complications of implant operation. The plastic surgeon uses internal bra Mastopexy Berlin to help preventing the breast skin and tissue from stretching in these plastic procedures.

Internal bra Mastopexy Berlin is a strong, thin and natural biologic tissue. The substance in the internal bra has been carried out widely in plastic surgery for breasts reconstruction for years. The material is a truly revolutionary instrument in cosmetic plastic surgery. With the breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon places internal bra along the middle, lower, and outer borders of the breasts at chest wall depth. Attached resolutely to the chest wall, the internal bra wraps surrounding the breast tissue and/or implant and holds the preferred breast shape for longer periods of time. Within weeks, the material is wholly incorporated into the body’s own tissue.

The Best Candidate to Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin

Woman seeking the internal bra mastopexy Berlin should be in a good health and has realistic expectations about her results. Woman who chooses the internal bra mastopexy over a traditional technique may have one or more of the following:

• Good thick skin quality

• Mild to moderate ptosis

• Breast tissues that are too saggy for a circumareolar lift

• require for an inverted-T mastopexy but don’t need the inverted-T scar

The Use of the Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin works Good in the Following Cases:

The two major breast implant shapes are the round and teardrop shapes. We take a look at the differences between these shapes.

**Woman who requires breast lift surgery and wants augmentation will advantage from the internal bra. Their recently shaped and lifted breasts will resist aging and gravity much improved with the internal bra than they would without it.

**Woman who has had weight-loss surgery is prone to stretchy skin that does not hold up well following the plastic surgery, particularly breast lift cosmetic surgery. That woman can now have breast lift surgery with implants in the company of a long-lasting result due to the placement of the internal bra.

**The internal bra mastopexy Berlin enables the correction of hard problems with the earlier cosmetic breast operation. These involve implants that are too far apart, too close together, one lower or higher than the other, rippling and other contour irregularities. The internal bra can constantly eliminate all of these conditions.

**Woman with thinner breast tissue is now able to attain spectacular results with breast augmentation without the worry of skin sagging and stretch, even if she desires a larger implant with her plastic surgery.

**Woman who most usually seeks out the internal bra has had many previous augmentation surgeries by at least one surgeon in an attempt to fix the sagging and other issues. After that patient has received the internal bra, she has become the most highly satisfied patient in my practice.

**The internal bra assists eliminating the most frequent complication of breast implant plastic surgery: misshapen breasts that happen from capsular contracture, i.e. unusually thick capsules that form around implants in some patients. The thick capsule after that distorts the breast and makes pain. But a capsule does not shape where the internal bra material is in contact with the implant. This alone may be a forceful reason for a lot of women to get the internal bra with breast implant plastic operation.

The Procedure of Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin

The plastic surgeon performs the internal bra mastopexy Berlin as an outpatient procedure with the patient under general anesthesia. To reduce the visible scarring, the surgeon combines an exterior circumareolar incision on the skin with an internal inverted-T molding of breast tissue on the inside. During the exterior incision, the surgeon separates the skin from the breasts tissue. The external skin is lifted and reduced in a circular pattern. During the internal inverted-T incision, the breasts tissue is lifted and molded into a more youthful shape. Some surgeons place an acellular dermal (ACD) matrix to generate an internal bra that attaches to the chest wall, which finally becomes incorporated into the breasts tissue. The ACD matrix gives additional structural support to the lower breast in order to avoid future the sagging from occurring. It’s similar to wearing an invisible bra under skin all the time.

Benefits of Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin

• Controlling the figure of breast mound

• Controlling the roundness of areola

• Controlling the scar around areola

• Achieving a true lift without an inverted-T scar

• Having the ability to reposition the nipple/areolar complex up to 8 centimeters

• Using ACD matrix provides additional internal support

• Getting very low risk of rejection of ACD matrix

The Results of Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin

Internal bra mastopexy Berlin gives the patient a youthful appearance to her sagging. It is used to reinforce the closure and give additional support to reduce more droop over time, as well provide the elasticity and strength that needed to woman.

The Recovery of Internal Bra Mastopexy Berlin

Woman will experience some swelling, bruising, and redness after the procedure. Drains are placed for 5-7 days to reduce swelling. She might experiences some mild discomfort, however oral medications will be prescribed to manage any associated pain. Patient should avoid hard physical activities for 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

Breasts numbness and loss of nipple sensitivity are commonly only temporary. Patient can go back to work after a week and resume her normal workout routine after 4 weeks. Most major swelling should start to subside after 6 weeks, at which time her final results should become obvious.



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