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Breast augmentation with fat transfer permits woman to subtly improve breast size by utilizing a natural alternative to breast implants (her own fat cells). It is a unique method that can achieve conservative augments in breast size by collecting fat from one portion of the body and transferring it to the breast tissue directly (naturally increasing breast volume) .

Fat transfer Breast augmentation basically uses liposuction to take fat from other areas of woman’ body and inject it into her breasts; this is an option for woman who is seeking a relatively small augment in breast size and wish natural results.

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation is a minimally-invasive procedure offering subtle improvement to the breasts. It is popular options for women who are want to add volume and shape to their chest, whilst removing obstinate pockets of fat in another place on the body.

The Procedure

Fat Transfer treatment starts with the use of an improved, minimally-invasive liposuction procedure to extract fat from a woman’s chosen parts. This is commonly conducted under local anesthetic and will need no incisions or hospital stay.

After that, the removed fat is refined before injected carefully in the layers into the breasts to make volume and definition. Breast fullness and size can have an enormous effect on body confidence. Factors such as pregnancy/breast feeding, weight loss or ageing can cause breasts to appear emptier or lose their shape, while many other women are born with naturally smaller breasts which can make some feeling insecure.

Stubborn parts of fat around the body can be hard to rid of through diet and exercise alone; a form of body contouring the treatment can be the only method to achieve an end objective.

Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement involves removing pockets of fat from other parts of woman’ body (such as abdomen or legs) and transferring the fat into the breast part in order to augment shape and volume in a delicate, natural-looking way.

The Best candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer is proper for those desiring to shape their figure while getting subtle improvement to the breasts. Fat Transfer is not recommended if woman:

• Wants a major increase in breast size.

• Don’t have enough fat to transfer.

• Requires uplift.

• Is considering having baby within the next year.

• Is solely after breast augmentation, without liposuction.

Woman will want to have enough fat to transfer for treatment, meaning it is not always proper for those with low body mass. The specialists advise all patients to be careful with their expectations. Breast Fat Transfer will add definition and shape but will not give a substantial increase in size.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Treatment Take?

To achieve ideal long-term end results, surgeon has to carefully harvest the fat, keeping as much tissue as possible. After that, Fat tissue is centrifuged to separate undesired oils and fluids. The processed fat is then injected into breasts in layers in order to make the greatest access to a blood supply. The treatment takes an average of somewhere between 3-5 hours.

The Recovery Process after Fat Transfer

Recovery is commonly determined by how many parts were utilized for donor locations. The location and number of donor sites determine the painful and how long the recovery process will be. Locations that fat was harvested from will be bruised, swollen, and uncomfortable for the first week as a minimum. Breasts may experience slight swelling and bruising, but in most cases there is little to no breast pain. Woman may feel painful for up to 2 weeks after the procedure. The majority of patients resume work a week after the procedure. Many of swelling and bruising should subside after 3 weeks, but minor swelling may remain for up to 6 months after the procedure.

The advantages of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

There are definitely several benefits to consider with breast enlargement utilizing the patient own fat cells, which involve no incisions (only needle access locations are used), shorter downtime, and no implant.

For women considering breast augmentation with fat transfer, there are the benefits as following:

• No require for implant “maintenance” – breast implants will likely require replacement in the future (10-20 years), whereas the end results of fat transfer after graft are long-lasting without the necessitate for implant exchange

• No breast incision – fat cells are “harvested” and after that transferred to the breast through small needle sites

• No breast implant “downsides” – which may involve leak or capsular contracture

The work of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Liposuction


As the fat cells utilized for autologous fat breast augmentation are “harvested” from parts of relative excess including the thighs and abdomen, liposuction is a need; these parts can be sculpted and contoured as fraction of the breast improvement with fat procedure.

The procedure starts with liposuction to harvest fat tissue from parts of the body that are inclined to store undesired fat such as the hips, stomach and back. Nowadays, a lot of cosmetic surgeons utilize water-assisted liposuction to softly remove the fat tissue without damaging the cells. Following the fat is harvested, a laser may be utilized as a finishing instrument to sculpt the parts where fat was removed and to stimulate the collagen production, which tightens the skin and makes a contoured and smooth result.

After that, adult stem cells are extracted from a part of the fat tissue and activated and re-concentrated into the remaining fat tissue. This recently enriched fat is injected as micro-droplets inside the breast (no scalpel incision is needed). Once transferred, the stem cells inside the fat go to work to produce new blood vessels, which supply oxygen to tissues. The end result: 1-2 cup size augment with a completely natural feel and look.

Scarless Breast Augmentation

A lot of women who believe breast augmentation are anxious about scarring and wonder if there is a “scarless” breast augmentation. As all surgeries involve cutting skin; scars are a predictable by product. Fear of well-known scarring and signs of procedure are one of the most common concerns woman has when she visits the any cosmetic surgery Institute for Breast Augmentation consultation. To address this matter, a carefully hidden scar location and a meticulous surgical method allow the surgeon to apply breast augmentation procedure without leaving any signs. There will be no clear marks under the breast, the armpit or around the areola; as ell scars will be undetectable to untrained eye and the woman’ breasts a seamless improvement to her confidence and femininity.

With recent techniques of fat grafting, surgeons can now provide moderate breast augmentation for woman who wishes to avoid breast implants. Fat grafting is also an outstanding option for woman who desires to have their implants removed, or have experienced complications with breast implants.

Additionally, fat grafting can be combined with breast implants to achieve improved breast symmetry and shape, advance cleavage and cover implant rippling it. Fat grafting is basically a scarless treatment as only small needle punctures are utilized both for the body contouring liposuction in addition to the fat transfer to the breasts

The Benefits of Scarless Breast Augmentation

With Scatless breast augmentation; woman will love what she sees in the mirror. She will exercise many life-changing advantages including:

• Full youthful appearance

• The capability for wearing anything even skimpy bathing suit

• Sexy- looking breasts as woman always wants

• Smooth natural-appearance breasts

• Total confidence with perky, prefect and flawless breasts

Is Scarless Breast Augmentaion safe Procedure?

Scareless breast augmentation procedure is achieved by inserting a deflated saline breast implant throughout the belly button. There are no incisions around or on the breasts, thus, no scars. The tiny incision into the belly button is not noticeable, leaving woman with beautiful novel breasts she always wants.

The surgery centers and famous plastic surgeons promise the total safety giving the patient no visible scars; they not only meet, but will exceed the patient’s expectations. Woman will have nothing to hide and no reasons for can’t wear even the most revealing fashions.



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