Breast Augmentation
With Implants and
Lip Filling in Berlin

Breast augmentation with implants and lip filling is a cosmetic surgery that can be done safely in a single operation. By appropriately selecting the patient and planning the operation carefully, data from different researches has proved that one-stage procedure is all that is needed.

It is common to encounter patients who request for injectable treatments that coincide with breast augmentation with implants. However, it is vital for these patients to hold a discussion with their cosmetic surgeons regarding their goals and get to establish the possible results. It is also important to be guaranteed this is an operation that your surgeon can comfortably carry out.

Injecting lip filler while breast augmentation is ongoing is doable, thanks to the rapid advances made in the cosmetic world within the past decade. There are also some cases when patients may schedule a breast augmentation with surgeon “A” but first want to have their lips filled with surgeon “B” before the surgery day. It is possible to have fillers injected to prior to the surgery but it may sound wise to have that done concurrently. It goes a long way in saving you some pain.

Who are the candidates?

There are some few considerations before one can be taken through breast augmentation and lip filling. Generally, the patient must have first made the decision and is ready to undergo the two operations simultaneously. Additionally, the best candidate for breast augmentation is one:

• That feels the breasts are too small for the body

• Whose breasts have reduced in size as a result of weight loss

• Whose hip-fitting clothes do not appear well on the bust line

• Whose breasts are visibly not equal in size

There are also some other factors such as feeling self-conscious when you put on a swimsuit. When it comes to lip filling, minors have to first get permission from their parents/guardians. With that settled anyone who wants to undergo lip injections must be someone seeking fuller lips but has reasonable expectations and understands the treatment. Your surgeon will also take you through other factors such as medical history of cold sores. Provided these requirements are fulfilled, you will have no difficulty getting a place at our centre or any other professional centre for that matter.

Combined breast augmentation with implants: How Is It Done?

The operation involved here is relatively complex considering the breast’s skin is being adjusted just as the volume. It is also a highly rewarding procedure that is worth undertaking. Due to its complex nature, you advised to pick a surgeon who is vastly knowledgeable on the subject matter and has sufficient skills to meet your goals.

Just as it is with standard breast augmentation, two main types of implants are used – saline or silicone. Since the breasts continuously grow until a woman passes her late teens, health practitioners recommend that a woman be at least 18 years old if she has to use saline breast implants and at least 22 years for the case of silicone implants.

Breast augmentation typically lasts for two hours. The most likely sedation option is general anesthesia that will put you to sleep until the whole process is over. That way, you are guaranteed of no pain.

The procedure involves making cuts beneath your breasts, around the nipples or under your arms. The cut location chosen depends on some factors such as the body type, extent of enlargement and type of implant. The implant is then placed into the pocket below or above the chest muscle. Once safely placed, the cuts are closed using sutures or surgical tape.


These are normally filled with sterile salt water, hence the name. Saline implants are advantaged by the fact that they provide uniform shape that has a firm feel. However, they are faced with the danger of collapsing and getting absorbed into the body in the event that the shell leaks.


These are normally filled with silicone gel. It is the most common type of implant since the gel gives the breasts a natural feel. It is advantaged in that a leakage in the implant shell will not make the entire implant to collapse. Instead, gel may either remain in the shell or escape into the pocket.

However, you may have to make regular plastic surgeon to be sure that it is functioning correctly. An MRI or ultrasound will be used to assess the state of your breast implant.

Lip Filling: How Is It Done?

Full, sensual lips have over the years been termed aesthetically appealing. Lip filling enhances the overall appearance of the face. Individuals with thin lips can highly benefit from lip enhancement.

As already pointed out, you can have lip filling done concurrent with breast augmentation. The advantage of this is that you get to reduce the amount of pain and only one session of sedation is needed.

Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure and is normally taken to achieve fuller, plumper lips. Injectable dermal filler is nowadays commonly used to give you the kind of lips you desire. But all the different types of fillers available have a substance that is similar to hyaluronic acid. It is used to increase the volume of the lips.

Do not e alarmed if you hear your surgeon call these dermal fillers “hyaluronic acid fillers.” Collagen was at one time popular dermal filler but it is rarely used these days. The new options have been made much safer and long lasting. Fat injections and implants were also common ways of filling the lips. Their use these days are however not so common since the risks of side effects are far much higher.

After breast augmentation with implants and lip filling

Your doctor will give you specific post-operative instructions after the procedure so as to help you settle down quickly. Lip filling has been found to have low downtime and patients will typically resume their daily duties just in a day. Considering the procedure in this case is combined with breast augmentation, you will have to be taken to the recovery area for the sedation to wear out. You may witness some swelling and discomfort within the first few days but this ends within the first week.



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