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Breast Augmentation & Available Implant Options

Breast augmentations are one of the most common types of surgery which take place at our Berlin Schöneberg practice. Moreover, in large part, this is due to Dr. Akhundov’s renown in specialist breast surgery and reconstructive surgery circles.

However, contrary to popular belief, breast augmentation is far from a purely vanity based surgery. Rather, many Berlin women approach our Schöneberg practice in order to restore their appearance after undergoing cancer and various other surgical procedures.

Understanding Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Regardless of why you might be thinking about undergoing breast augmentation, it is important to understand what options are available in regard to such surgeries, as well as what risks there are also. Recently, for example, controversy has run rampant in regard to certain types of silicone breast implants. This being the case, our consultants always make sure that our patients have a thorough understanding of different implant types, their longevity, and their behavior in the human body, prior to undergoing any kind of breast surgery.

Choosing the best Implants for your Personal Expectations

When electing to undergo breast augmentation, it is important to choose implants which will complement your age, present health, your state of existing breast development, and your existing breast shape. In this regard, we provide both round and tear shaped implants which differ in both texture and filling. In like manner, we always advise patients looking to undergo breast surgery in regard to which implants might be most suitable for them individually.

Choosing the right implant is important as everybody’s body shape is different. Even more importantly, Dr. Akhundov himself is acutely aware of how important it is for patients to have realistic expectations prior to undergoing any form of breast augmentation. During the pre-op consultation period, you will subsequently be briefed in regard to not just what different implants are available, but also what level of scaring, logetivity and quality of results, you should expect after surgery.

Scaring & Recovery

Specializing in invisible underarm incisions, our Berlin clinic strives to provide women with naturally elegant and attractive breast augmentation solutions. Even better, all patients are given instructions detailing how best to prepare for their upcoming breast surgery, in order to reduce their later recovery time down to as little as just 48 hours. This being the case, if you would like to inquire about how we might be able to help you feel more comfortable in the skin you’re in, make sure to reach out to us today to book a preliminary consultation.



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