Plastic Surgery After Massive
Weight Loss In Berlin

Weight loss has a lot of benefits. It gives you an ideal body weight and helps you live in good health. However, when weight loss is dramatic, especially in people who were previously overweight, the body may begin to look out of proportion.

As you gain weight, your skin stretches to accommodate the extra fat stored, with time the skin loses its elasticity because it has been over stretched. This is common in people who are overweight. After a major weight loss through diet, exercise or even surgery, the sagging skin at different parts of the body becomes another concern. In other to look better or feel more confident about your new weight, you will need to undergo some surgical procedures to remove excess and sagging skin.

Plastic surgery after a massive weight loss uses different surgical procedures to improve the shape of the body and to give a well-proportioned body contour. Body contouring is a common plastic surgery in Berlin.

You may consider body contouring if after a major weight loss, you have excess skin sagging in some parts of your body, such as the breast, abdomen, arm, neck, thigh and face.


The ideal candidates for body contouring after a major weight loss are:

• Individuals who have maintained stable weight two years after the major weight loss.

• Individuals who do not have conditions that can impede healing after the surgery.

• Individuals who are living healthy lifestyle especially one of adequate diet and exercise.

• Individuals who do not smoke.

• Individuals Who have the ability to endure the procedures.


• Body contouring improves your appearance by getting rid of sagging skin.

• It emphasizes the result of weight loss.

• It improves your confidence and self-esteem.

• It removes hanging skin that cause painful chafing.

However, you may want to weigh the cons of this procedure as well before you make up your mind.

You should know that body contouring results in several permanent scars. While attempts will be made to hide these scars, some will still be obvious.

Also, this procedure is not “aging-proof”. Your body will still undergo the processes of aging, and will sag with time. Therefore, expect that the results are not life long permanent.


Body contouring involves removing excess skin and fat from areas of the body that were affected by dramatic weight loss. The most common areas that are more likely to sag are the face, breast, abdomen, thigh and arm. Therefore, the variety of techniques available are:

Face lift:

This procedure involves making incisions and removing excess skin from the jowls, mid-face and neck.

Breast lift:

This procedure restores sagging, flattened and uneven breasts. It also reverts drooping nipples to a firmer shape. During this procedure, the breast can also be made smaller or bigger with the use of implants.

Tummy tuck:

Excess skin sagging down from the abdomen can be removed using the tummy tuck procedure. The process tightens the fascia, removes stomach fat and removes stretch marks.

Lower body lifts:

This procedure works on the lower body. It targets loose skin around the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hips, and restores the ideal shape of these parts.

Thigh lift:

Thighplasty can be done as a single procedure if the problem area is mainly the thigh. It removes excess skin and tightens the areas around the thigh. It could be an inner thigh lift, a vertical thighplasty from the groin to the inner knee, or a thigh lift targeting the outer thigh.

Arm lift:

This procedure restores a flabby upper arm to a more toned and firm shape.


Involves making an incision along the back of the arm, within the length of the affected area, and removing loose skin and fat.


This is a procedure that tackles the sagging skin of the lower abdomen otherwise known as the pannus. It removes the pannus by making incision along the pubic area under the belly button before removing the loose skin.


This is also another procedure for reshaping the body. However, it is not necessarily for people who have lost massive weight. Liposuction removes excess fat deposit persisting in some parts of the body, thereby making the body look well proportioned.

The most suitable procedure for you depends on the affected areas. More than one procedure can be performed; however, it is best not to do more than two procedures at a time to avoid complications.


Body contouring procedures are done in stages. Therefore, the first step in this plastic surgery is making a surgical plan. A surgical plan is made based on your goal and expectations, as well as on the surgeon’s good judgement.

The surgical plan interprets the procedures you are to undergo, and when to undergo them.

After the plan comes the surgery for the first procedures.

The operation involves the administration of general anesthesia and some sedatives, before incisions are made.

Incisions are usually extensive because of the amount of excess skin, but the appropriate length depends on the location affected.

After the excision of excess skin, the skin is sutured. In most cases, a small tube is placed underneath the skin to help drain excess fluid and blood. Then the incision is bandaged.


As you recover, you may be required to go back often for dressing, and to take medications that will aid healing.

Following your doctor’s instructions is pertinent to proper recovery.

You may also be required to avoid strenuous activities for many days, or to avoid bending over.


Unlike many other plastic surgeries, the result of body contouring after a massive weight loss is immediate. For some people, obvious changes may take few months.

The results are also long lasting, especially if you continue to maintain stable body weight through dieting and exercise. However, don’t expect that the body will not follow the natural process of losing firmness as it ages.

Furthermore, body contouring may not give a guaranteed result, but, when a single procedure does not give the expected result, another one can be done.



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