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Scars on the skin are signs that a part of the body has undergone trauma. They remain long after a wound on the skin has healed. How a wound heals and the scar develops is quite difficult to predict, however, when a wound heals poorly, it results in obvious scars. Notwithstanding, a properly healed wound may still result in scars that may or may not affect your appearance.

Scars come in different shapes and sizes, and they may be raised or flat. However, what makes a scar unsightly is, if it is obvious as a result of difference in texture or color between the surrounding skin and the scar.

Plastic surgery for scar correction is done efficiently in Berlin. The surgery is able to blend the scar in with the other parts of the skin making it less conspicuous.

Scar correction also Improves functions in the affected areas by correcting problems caused by the wound.

Therefore, scar correction is called for, if the scar on your body prevents you from moving about normally, as in contracture, or has simply reduced your self esteem.

A scar correction may not completely erase a scar, but it can improve its appearance and make it less gross.


Surface Irregularities

Acne scars and scars from smaller injuries fall under the surface irregularities. These minor scars do not cause any discomfort or restriction, and can be improved using surgical or non-surgical methods.


Keloids are scars that appear as a result of an aggressive healing of a deep wound. These kind of scar is made up of layers of the scar tissues formed over the wound causing it to pucker. They also tend to grow beyond the edges of the wound.

Keloids are unsightly and may even cause discomfort such as pain or itch in some individuals. They are mostly found on the neck, face, ears, shoulders, chest and other parts of the body where there are very little fatty tissues.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars, just like keloid are formed by scar tissues forming clusters over the wound. They are also raised and cause discomfort, but are smaller than keloids and do not extend beyond the edges of the wound.

Correction of a hypertrophic scar involves treatment of inflammation and flattening of the scar.


A scar that result from a major burn wound is a good example of a contracture. Contracture form when large amounts of tissues are lost.

This kind of scar causes a lot of discomfort. It mostly restricts movement, especially of the elbow, knees, fingers and the neck.

Scar correction technique to be used depends on the type of scar you have.


Scar correction can be performed on anyone, no matter the age or gender. However, the most suitable candidates for scar correction are:

  • Individuals who have obvious scars which have impacted them emotionally.
  • Individuals who do not smoke.
  • Individuals who do not have health conditions that can impede healing.
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    Individuals who do not have skin diseases, including acne in the area that require surgery.


Scar correction can be performed on anyone, no matter the age or gender. However, the most suitable candidates for scar correction are:

  • Individuals who have obvious scars which have impacted them emotionally.
  • Topical treatment.
  • Minimally invasive surgery.
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    Surgical correction with advanced technique.

In some cases, one technique is required to correct a scar, but in some other cases, a combination of several techniques may be required for significant improvement.


These include the use of tapes, gels and compression to facilitate proper healing of wounds, reduce irregular pigmentation and or to treat surface irregularities and discoloration. They are also commonly used to ensure proper healing after a surgical scar correction.

Mechanically removing the scar using different techniques is also a surface treatment.

The techniques that change the nature of the scar tissues through mechanical means include


it involves sanding surface irregularities out under anesthesia.

Laser therapy:

it uses CO2 laser for deep scar and Erbium for surface scars, to change the skin of the scar, allowing a more healthy and smooth skin to be formed.
Laser treatment is the best treatment for hypertrophic scars.

Chemical peel solutions:

it uses a solution to soften irregularities.

Bleaching agents:

this is used in the case of a discoloration to lighten the part of the skin that has hyperpigmentation.



this involves surgically cutting off the scar. This technique is also suitable for deep scars. Deep scar excision may also need layered closure using absorbable sutures in the inner layers.

Excision is also combined with skin graft and skin expansion techniques.

Skin graft:

this procedure is most suitable for contracture scar. It is not for cosmetics, but is done to help reduce discomfort or to restore function in the part of the body affected. It involves transplanting a healthy skin to the affected area.

Tissue Expansion:

this technique is just like the skin graft; however, it uses a tissue expander placed underneath the skin. It helps the skin to stretch, after which the scar is removed and the stretched loose skin is used to cover the exposed tissues.

Injectable treatments:

using steroids to reduce the formation of collagen is another option for scar correction. This injectable helps make the scar look better.

Dermal filler is another injectable used for scar correction, but the results are not long lasting. It is used for depressed scars.

advanced techniques

Advanced techniques include Z- plasty technique, W- plasty technique or complex flap closure. These techniques make scars less obvious, as well as help to restore function in affected areas.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to remove unsightly varicose and spider veins. These are common concerns after pregnancy.

It involves injecting a solution into the vein. This solution causes the veins to inflame and vanish.

Laser therapy is also used to remove these veins, but it is not suitable for very large veins.

Sclerotherapy is also performed in Berlin. The procedure only lasts for a few minutes, and takes about a month for results to show.



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