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What Is A Mummy Makeover Berlin?

Mummy makeover Berlin is frequently applied to any combination of body and breast rejuvenation treatment and the cosmetic procedures that restore before-pregnancy look of woman, as well with age. It is classically focusing on abdomen and breasts. The ideal makeover may include a tummy tuck, a breast procedure for example Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin, Mastopexy Berlin, augmentation Berlin, reduction Berlin and Liposuction Berlin of trunk, legs or arms.

The changes related to pregnancy can change the appearance of body significantly. Often woman looks to advance the contour of both her breasts and abdomen at the same time. Although not all women are fitting the huge majority can have both treatments simultaneously.

The indications of Mummy Makeover Berlin

  • If pregnancy has negatively affected the shape and size of breasts
  • If the patient is distressed about her sagging tummy and stretch marks
  • If the fat pockets on the woman’ abdomen, waist, arms or thighs do not advance with diet and work out
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    If the patient gets breast implants, she will need monitoring and possibly replacement.
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    Weight gain following surgeries may compromise results.

The Good Candidate of Mummy Makeover Berlin

Mummy Makeover Berlin are intended to reverse the physical changes related to aging and childbearing and the effects of motherhood on women’s body by flattening their stomach and restoring the volume and lift to breasts . If childbirth has left woman with the following characteristics, she should think undergoing a mummy makeover Berlin:

  • She is physically healthy with stable weight and has positive manner as well realistic expectations.
  • She has realistic expectations.
  • She has loose or droopy skin around her stomach; and the breasts have lost size or they are sagging.
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    Patient has surplus stomach fat that hasn’t responded to exercise or diet and has excess fat in love-handle area as well as in the things and hips.
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    Patient has uneven breasts, sagging breasts, decreased breast size, drooping nipples as well stretched areolas (the dark skin surrounding nipple).
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    Breasts have become too much larger after childbirth that they are disproportional with the rest of patient’ body and they lead to back pain.
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    Tummy has loose stretch marks and skin; and the patient’ waistline has become undefined and thick.
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    Patient had a C-section and the areas of fat hanging over her surgical scar.
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    Patient has early signs of aging around her eyes and face.

Best Mummy Makeover Berlin candidate is close to a maintainable weight for her body and lifestyle. If she smokes, she’ll require stopping smoking for 6 weeks as a minimum before and after the procedure, such as nicotine impair healing and tobacco smoking

The Results Expected after Mummy Makeover Berlin

Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin will leave patient with a tighter, flatter stomach and may eliminate a quantity of stretch marks. However, she shouldn’t expect much weight loss consequently. Unless she has a major weight change or become pregnant, her stomach should stay flatter and firmer for several years. If, after a few years, she again becomes dissatisfied and unhappy with her stomach appearance due to aging or gravity, she may select to undergo a second treatment to restore a more youthful body contour.

Beside Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin, the patient can perform the most common breast lift procedure, called Mastopexy Berlin, to reposition the nipple higher on her chest wall. Woman usually gets this operation on an outpatient basis, so there’s no overnight stay.

Mummy Makeover Berlin Procedure

Mummy makeover Berlin is not only a procedure, but also a descriptive term, so the first step to patient is consulting her plastic surgeon and decides which procedures she will undergo. The most common procedures described to mummy makeovers Berlin are Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin and Mastpexy Berlin as the following.

The combination of these treatments intended to restore the body following pregnancy. Mummy makeovers Berlin includes Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin and Mastpexy Berlin. The most usual tummy tuck incision is horizontal, located just above or within the pubic area of abdomen, commonly low enough to be hidden by a bikini or underwear or a bikini.

Lipo-abdominoplasty Berlin treatment involves two procedures Tummy tuck Berlin and Liposuction Berlin.

Abdominoplasty — known as Tummy tuck Berlin

Excess skin, flabby abdomen outcomes from fat, poor skin elasticity, the stretching of inner girdle of connective tissue and the abdominal muscles are extending from the ribs to pubic bone. This inner girdle, which embraces the internal organs in place, obtains stretched throughout pregnancy or weight gain and stomach protrudes. Tummy tuck removes excess, loss fat and skin and tightens slack fascia, removing the stretch marks and excess skin in lower abdomen underneath the belly button.

The Steps

  • Surgeon will remove most of fat and skin placed between the belly button and pubic hair in an elliptical or horizontal oval shape.
  • After that, the fascia overlying abdominal muscles is tightened with sutures.
  • Skin around belly button is repositioned; the belly button is demonstrated through a tiny incision and sutured in its usual position.
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    The incision, which classically runs from hip to hip, is closed with sutures. This will depart a scar that falls along the natural crease surrounded bikini line. The visibility and length of the scar varies.

Liposuction Berlin

Tummy tuck may slim the patient waist, but not her hips. Liposuction Berlin can advance the contour of flanks or hips, so the doctor is performing the patient mummy makeover Berlin will likely recommend liposuction Berlin of the things and hips at the same time as a tummy tuck. Liposuction Berlin is also effective in the neck, chest, thighs, upper arms, and knees.

The Steps

  • Throughout surgery, sterilized liquid will be injected with a local anesthetic to control pain and epinephrine in order to reducing bleeding.
  • After patient receive anesthesia, the surgeon will make very tiny incisions near the area where fat will be removed.
  • A hollow, thin cannula will be inserted through the incision to generate tunnels through fat. Then suction puts the fat into cannula and out a high-vacuum hose.
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    Following fat removal, dressings and a compression garment will be performed.

Mastopexy Berlin known as Breast lift

Mastopexy Berlin treats uneven and sagging breasts, reduced breast volume, drooping nipples, and stretched areolas, returning the youthful shape to patient and lift her breasts. Woman who desires smaller, larger, more rounded breasts may desire to consider a breast amplification or breast reduction in conjunction with the breast lift.

The Steps

  • Patient will receive either a general anesthetic or the combination of intravenous sedation and local anesthesia
  • Surgeon will make incisions. Mastopexy Berlin incisions vary, relying on the amount of surplus skin, the position of patient’ nipples, her preference, and surgeon’s suggestions.
  • After doing incisions, the surgeon reshapes and repositions the breast tissue and surgically removes the excess skin.
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    After that, the areola and nipple are repositioned to a more youthful height, and the size of e areola can be diminished by excising skin surrounding the perimeter.
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    Then, Surgeon will tighten the remaining skin at the same time as closing the incisions. The sutures will be layered deep within breasts tissue to support the newly-shaped breasts and might use skin adhesives and/or surgical tape to assist closing and supporting the skin.

Mummy Makeover Berlin Recovery

Because treatments are performed together, the advantage is that patient only has to undergo one recovery time. The first week will be the most terrible, and she will still feel like she is recovering for about 2-3 weeks. Then, she’ll probably be feeling pretty well, but she will not be able to make any heavy lifting (for example picking up children) for 6 weeks. Here is some information about recovery period:

  • The recovery period is important and can be intense at the first few days. It is recommended to speak with surgeon always about using a pain pump plus medications to control the discomfort and pain, so that patient can move about and sleep as wanted.
  • The first 2 days are the most uncomfortable. Discomfort classically drops down to a “nagging” level by 5-7 days.
  • Full recovery is about 6 weeks. Woman should be up and walking gradually the day after procedure.
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    By the end of first week, she should be walking nearest the house regularly, but it is forbidden to drive.
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    She will probably be relaxed enough to drive a car in 2 weeks, when all of the drains and sutures will be removed.

Is woman can have sex after Mummy Makeover ?

Any sexual action or activity should be avoided for a minimum of 2 weeks, and the plastic surgeon may advise patient to wait longer and to stay quite gentle until at least 6 weeks post-op. This allows enough time for the incisions to heal, for the abdominal plication from the abdominoplasty to become stable, and for breast implant pockets in order to become stable and mature.



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