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Tummy tuck Berlin operation known as abdominoplasty, removes the excess skin and fat as well, in most cases, restores separated or weakened muscles producing an abdominal profile that is firmer and smoother. The well-toned and flat abdomen is something many of women strive for exercise and weight control.

A tummy tuck Berlin is suitable for both women and men who are in good health generally. It should not be confused with a liposuction Berlin (A cosmetic surgery applied to remove the fat deposits), although surgeon may choose to apply liposuction Berlin as part of a tummy tuck Berlin.

Women who have skin and muscles stretched by multiple pregnancies may discover the procedure helpful to tighten those muscles and decrease that skin. As well, tummy tuck is an alternative for women or men who were obese at one point in their lives and still have extreme fat deposits or loose skin in the abdominal part. The most common reasons for applying this procedure are:

• Aging

• Prior surgery

• Heredity

• Pregnancy

• Major fluctuations in weight

The Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck

• Women between 30 – 60 years old who desire a flat and attractive contour of abdomen

• Woman who has experienced one or more pregnancy, the procedure is designed to assist mother regain her pre-pregnancy body contours.

• Men who have excess fat and skin due to over-weight.

• Patients who have lost great amounts of weight throughout the bariatric surgery

If a woman is still planning to have babies, she should postpone a tummy tuck Berlin until bearing children. During surgery, her vertical muscles are tightened and thus future pregnancies may separate these muscles.

Before Tummy Tuck

The surgery will provide patient some of the specific instructions about preparing for surgery include:

• When to take prescribed medications

• Correct washing techniques

• Stop Smoking

• Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements as they can boost bleeding

• Restrictions concerning drinking and eating the night before operation

Tummy Tuck Berlin Procedure

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) will remove excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen. Also, it will tighten the muscles of abdominal wall that have become too separated and stretched. Full abdominoplasty includes special technique with continuous tension sutures that allows creation of dead space and no drains required.

The Tummy tuck Berlin procedure can take between 2-5 hours under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation might be administered. Incisions made during a tummy tuck are usually made just above the pubic part, extending from one hipbone to the other, so as to remain concealed by patient’s underwear or bathing suit. An incision is made to separate the naval from surrounding tissue which will be redraped.

Once the abdominal muscles have been pulled stitched and tighter together in a more desirable position; skin is then repositioned and the excess skin is trimmed. As well, the new hole is made for the belly button and is stitched into place. One time all incisions are closed, dressing will be performed. A drainage tube may also be inserted to remove any surplus fluid from the site throughout the first 1-2 days.

Tummy Tuck Berlin Recovery

If tummy tuck Berlin is done on an outpatient basis, patient should be sure to arrange for someone to drive her/him to and to stay with for at least the first night following operation.

Patient will be encouraged to get out of bed the night of surgery, and is able to walk slowly by the next day. The majority of patients can go out in public within 3-5 days. Patients usually are asked to take a week off from work as a minimum, especially those have highly physical jobs may need more time off.

Suction drains routinely are applied following abdominoplasty procedure to help with usual healing. These drains are uncomplicated and easy to care for; and patient will be given instructions and information at the time of discharge.

Patient should use an elastic abdominal binder to remain the area comfortable with calm pressure. Powerful physical activities are limited for 4 weeks following the procedure.

Separated Abdominal Muscles after Pregnancies and the Role of Tummy Tuck Berlin

As the abdomen expands throughout pregnancy; skin becomes stretched and often shown in stretch marks. If skin is inelastic, it will not get smaller and shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Another usual occurrence, particularly after several pregnancies, is the separation or loosening of abdominal muscles.

Tummy tuck Berlin procedure may be the only solution to repair the abdominal muscles that have become overly separated and stretched. A tummy tuck is not advisable directly after giving birth. Hormones can influence the elasticity of skin and there is a bigger risk of bleeding until the body has fully recovered from the pregnancy.

Surgeons will recommend patients wait until 6 months after delivery to experience a tummy tuck Berlin, because most of stretching will be recovered by then, although ripping will not. Woman who is breastfeeding should wait 3 months as a minimum until after she has stopped nursing, particularly if she has been doing so for numerous months or years. The hormone levels related with breastfeeding can stay in the system for an extended period of time, which may lead to complications.

Abdominal Hernia and Tummy Tuck Berlin

An abdominal hernia is a swelling or bulge. It occurs when some of contents inside patient abdomen (tummy), such as bowel or fat l, push through a weakness in her/his abdominal wall.

Patient may have no symptoms from her/her hernia, or may notice pain or a bulge appearing. This can occur particularly when she coughs or strain and it may vanish when the patient lie down.

Patient may require Tummy Tuck Berlin, although not everybody who has abdominal hernia requirements to have surgery. This may depend upon the patient symptoms and his /her risk of having complications.

When will the Surgery decide Using Mesh?

Mesh is mostly applied to repair hernias and it would be extremely rare to ever use it to tighten a diastasis. The only sign for a mesh is a huge real hernia of the abdominal wall resulting from a tumor removal, and after numerous failed hernia repairs.

Part of a Tummy tuck Berlin is to tighten the separated muscles that happen with age, child bearing, and weight gain/loss. If the tissue is not tough enough to hold with stitches alone, it may be essential to incorporate a mesh repair to get the successful repair. Patients who are requiring mesh repair are more challenging to treat and can have boosted complication rates. However, results are extremely good in the majority of patients and the operation is well tolerated. Mesh repair is needed in fewer than 10 % percent of patients undergoing full Tummy tuck Berlin.



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