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Based out the beautiful Berlin-Fischerinsel area, Dr. Kamil Akhundov and his team of skilled nursing and support staff have a different ethos to many contemporary plastic surgery professionals. A beautiful and youthful appearance, after all, isn’t just about vanity. Rather, our looks and overall aesthetic appearance are inextricably linked with our senses of self-confidence, subconscious feelings of self-worth, and personal and professional ability.

Given how we self-identify with the way we look, it is our belief that any plastic surgery clinic needs to provide cosmetic surgery solutions targeted at individuals achieving ultimately natural results. This being the case, every cosmetic surgery procedure undertaken by Dr. Kamil Akhundov and his team, is tailored to the specific needs of every individual we work with.

Natural Results & Superior Care Practices

Do you feel uncomfortable in the skin you’re in? Priding ourselves on being friendly and approachable, we will discuss with you what you personally would like to achieve from a future cosmetic surgery procedure. We will then advise you in regard to whether a non-invasive procedure might be available, before the moving on to plan your surgery and later recuperation.

Are you looking for a cosmetic surgery clinic committed to providing to superior-quality care coupled with flawless results? If so, make sure to reach out to us at our Berlin-Fischerinsel clinic today in order to schedule a preliminary consultation.

As dermatological, body shape, and anti-aging specialists, Dr. Kamil Akhundov, and his team can help you finally realize the you who you have always wanted to. However, at the same time, we also understand that plastic surgery isn’t something which people opt for lightly. This being the case, we strive to provide Swiss quality care coupled with the natural results our Berlin (and further afield) clients are looking for.



Stunning you is the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the heart of Berlin that aims to bring your Stunning results.

We pride ourselves by constant and continuous improvement of our skills and methods to be at the cutting edge of medical progress.



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