Evolution of beauty trends in recent years due to social media

Social media has overtime proven to be an unavoidable channel through which brands are able to reach and interact with a broader audience. Some of the most used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. The latter, a photo-sharing platform has done a tremendous work in transforming the beauty industry.

These platforms create an avenue in which their users are able to upload images of themselves, with the aim of creating a good image about their lives. In the process, they are forced to embrace the latest beauty trends to remain on top of the game. Inventors of these beauty techniques on the other hand are ever working hard to out-do each other.

Different beauty events such as Beautycon are held on an annual basis. Such events are a manifestation of how social media has overtime become an important element within the beauty industry. The platforms have caused an evolution in the marketing and purchasing of brands, while demand for topnotch products has increased to meet the needs of a social media savvy lifestyle.

Selfies and Product Reviews

Social media has evolved from being just a platform for marketing products but also a platform for a new kind of makeup that works well on-and-off camera. Selfies have taken the market by storm, and it’s hard to walk into any beauty shop with encountering selfies-based products.

It is evident that brands attuned to the increasing selfies popularity are ripping big as more and more people require products that can minimize photo editing and filtering features. Simply put, social media has triggered the rise of a whole new kind of makeup genre.

As technology continues to change while consumer phones and cameras advance at rapid speeds, there is an unstoppable demand for makeup. More consumers are demanding makeup that eliminates the need to use filter-like feature on their phones for a perfect look.

Specifically, the color category in makeup has attracted more attention than any other section. Besides this, emerging trend includes foundation and concealers, things that assist one be selfies-ready.

Social media beauty trends have also contributed to the emergence of highlighting and contouring kits. What’s more, popular social media personalities posting photos using different techniques has at greater lengths influenced the average consumer.

Buyers have been given the power to ensure brands are accountable. There was a time when it became almost impossible to find a match that perfectly fits with your skin. This was the case more so when you have a golden, olive or deep skin tone. But now brands take time to evaluate their products to ensure that they match the audience.

The Digital Marketplace — Hashtags

#, pronounced hashtag, has become the new thing whenever a beauty product is launched. Different brands have massive followings on social media a single # goes a long way in creating massive changes in the market.

This industry still has a wider room for growth and manufacturers have learnt the power of listening to consumer demands. They are launching products, expanding colors and ensuring all their products synchronize with all skin tones and types.[:]

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